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  1. go to
    and see a preview clip of our next tues show.
  2. I saw the Tyra Show and i just wanted to say that you guys did great on the show. Everyone looked so beautiful. Keep up the good work it was great to learn about the lives of the girls because i think sometimes people just don't realize that working girls live normal lives just like everyone else. Much love ladies. :D
  3. Are "working girls" truly happy or on drugs?

    I have to wonder if "working girls" actually enjoy their profession or do they mask their true emotional state with drugs?

    Are they regularly drug tested?

    Is drug use condoned?

    If so, what kinds of drugs?
  4. Hi!!
    First let me say great show :) I just watched and I have a question..
    It's killing me...
    What was the question Tyra whispered to the girls???LOL
    I'm so nosey :D

    Can't wait to see the make over show Madam Suzette. You are already so lovely!!

  5. Gotta say you guys did a good job

    . Love your appearance.. keep up the good work !! :lol:
  6. You girls looked so beautiful in the way that you portrayed yourselves. I think you did a wonderful job of explaining what exactly it is you do and why you do it. It made me want even more to become a bunny. You are all such strong women. Keep smiling!
  7. i saw the...

    i saw the show and she was being stuck up. Its like she had a problem with the way of life you and your girls choose. I am a stripper and i have never done anything like that but i dont see why she would invite you guys to the show then try to make you look bad. It wasnt right so i just wanted to say sorry for her rude behavior.

    a fan.
  8. i saw the...

    i saw the show and she was being stuck up. Its like she had a problem with the way of life you and your girls choose. I am a stripper and i have never done anything like that but i dont see why she would invite you guys to the show then try to make you look bad. It wasnt right so i just wanted to say sorry for her rude behavior.

    a fan.
  9. Re: Are "working girls" truly happy or on drugs?

    Nope, we enjoy what we do. None of the girls use drugs..... remember we're professionals. Thanks & have a nice day!
  10. you guys did a great job.
  11. I saw the show and I'm curious what was whispered in the girls ears?? I have never really watched Tyra before except for the show that revealed she does NOT have implants. Anyone who watches the Cathouse series will see that these beautiful girls live normal lives. Hell, if it were legal in other states there would be brothels EVERYWHERE! Sex sales... that's the bottomline.

    Shelly looked as beautiful as ever! I would love to know her secret for staying so fit.. she is in great shape.

    I know I'll never get a reply to this but I'd like to ask anyway. Is platinum Dennis's preference for females? I've yet to see him with a brunette.

    Also, where is Danielle? She doesn't have pictures in the "BunnyBabes" section. I loved her personality, she had such a sweet voice. I hope to see her in the up coming series.
  12. I watched the Tyra show and it was good but would you ever go on the Doctor Phil show and give him a run for his money?????

  13. I happened to catch the show by accident as I was flippin the chanels and I saw Shelly and I was like "Wait a min, thats Shelly!" I LOVED the show and I loved how yall got to explain how everything works and showed the world that yall are just as human as the rest of us! Yall cant help that yalls pussy is that damn good to make a man give you everything you've ever wanted and more! I call that talent and a work of art not prostitution.I love your "buy sexual" saying Dennis :) and I love you girls!

  14. I loved the show, but was it just me or was tyra just a little fake :roll:
  15. trya

    Well i watch Tyra just about all the time. Granted she did make some face gestures. But if you notice or start watching her. She makes face gestures like ALL the time. No matter what the topic is. When she went undercover in as a fat person. She was making faces and just putting the act on...as she did when the Cute Bunny's were on.

    I think thats just her personailty...she is always making facial expressions with everything and on every show....

    PS....lol I am not siding with Tyra...just making note that Tyra has plenty of negative/positive facial expressions. Watch her more often and you'll start to notice that. Thats just my observation....
  16. Re: Are "working girls" truly happy or on drugs?

    Not all working girls use drugs. That is an unfair stereotype they get labeled with sometimes. Like Jenny said they are professionals. These are good girls that are working hard to achieve the finer things in life. Their not street walkers with pimps that keep them drugged out in order to keep them working. The difference between a working girl in a legal brothel & a street walker is like the difference between night & day.
  17. Re: Are "working girls" truly happy or on drugs?

    We have zero tollerence for drugs.
  18. Tyra

    Thanks to all who answered my questions.

    BTW, I think Tyra would make a good hooker.
  19. Re: i saw the...

    Tyra was cool off camera, it was an act. Truth is her bod is not that hot anymore, she hides the weight real well.

    Think she sucked any cock on the way up the ladder?

    Maybe I should have turned her over my knee and beat her ass and called her the names she has always wanted to be called.
  20. You definitely should have spanked her judgemental ass Daddy!

    That picture in my mind is worth a million dollars....lol

  21. Re: i saw the...

    SOOO funny Daddy! Tyra over your knee is quite the visual. You know Tyra wanted to scream how "Fierce" you are!
    And (having been a director of a modeling agency myself), I'll guess you're right about Tyra's "ladder" ride to fame?! Giddy up!!
    You all did extremely well on her show! Made me want to cum play :p
  22. Re: i saw the...

    They are now calling wanting us to do another show, should I?

    If you want to cummmm play bring it on, don't be scared.
  23. next show...cumming

    Not skeert (southern thang) to cum play...that's my plan!!
    Maybe Tyra will do a "Next Top Bunny" show w/ photoshoots, makeovers & a hooker cooker recipe segment? Madam came up with the hooker cookers-LOL! Dennis, we'll talk soon:) :wink:
  24. I thought Tyra too was very unprofessional and I always enjoyed her show, I can say that they way she treated some of the girls were unfair and very stereotypical. She should be ashamed of herself![/color]
  25. I agree but the girls stayed above all her BS.

    I am proud of them
  26. Thats so sweet - You really do take care of them and praise them.. I just recently joined the boards yesterday and I have to say its a great site for communication.. Love the site, love the show.. Love you guys!

    Cant wait till the new season!

    Love you here on Long Island, NY!
  27. Re: i saw the...

    THANK YOU DENNIS.... i agree that her body is not that great anymore and i got attacked for pointing that out a few weeks back...

    and if dennis prefers blondes then it's just cause he hasn't met the right brunette yet.... HINT HINT.
  28. Re: i saw the...

    You were right, her bod needs work.

    I can take a hint, can you?
  29. i read somewhere that she weighs like 170-180 now...... that number totally freaks me out. if i go over 120 i feel like a cow.
  30. we have been on the dr phil show and dennis did give him a run for his money
  31. well dang, I would like to have seen that!!!!
  32. come to my house, the cook will make popcorn and we can watch the show.
  33. I saw the show. And yes Tyra did seem a bit off her game. Aside from that, I think that it is great that you guys provide a Safe, and from the sounds of it Fun, place for not only the girls but the customers as well.
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