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  1. is monica morris still working @ the working at your bunny ranch :D
  2. MMM fell in love with a client from SF, she has not worked in a year or two.

    We love MMM and miss her but glad she is happy.
  3. Has that ever happened before? A bunny falling in love with a client.
  4. thank you dennis

    thank you dennis :(
    ever since i saw her i wanted to come to too the ranch
    too see her & Isabella Soprano now both gone :cry:
    i would still like to come and visit the ranch though
    anyone from the 1st series are still there ?
    when will the 2nd series start ?
  5. Re: thank you dennis

    There are always a bunch of fun Bunnies to play with,

    From the first series, Karla is there and looking real good and Deanna called today wanting to book in.

    You won't have any problem having fun whenever you come play.

    The 2007 series is completed, HBO is looking for the right Time slot now.
  6. you are the best dennis !!!

    why did they all leave dennis where they happy ?
    just asking dennis what was the deal with
    Isabella Soprano will she be back ? a lot of people miss her.
    thanks dennis you are the best.
  7. Re: you are the best dennis !!!

    Isabella was here a few months ago to film our new season, she is raising
    organic vegetables and seems happy farming.

    Girls leave for lots of reasons, they fall in love they need a change, we fire them for stealing, drugs etc. they come back the same way, this is the nature of a commissioned based business.

    What matters is that there are more hot girls there right now than any 20 men can handle.
  8. Re: you are the best dennis !!!

    what I wouldnt give to plow her field. :D
  9. Re: you are the best dennis !!!

    That's funny real funny!
  10. your a good guy dennis for answer my posts
    he dennis i might ask my mother too take me to the ranch
    do you think she will go for it ?
  11. It depends on how old you are. How okd are you?

    we had a mom bring her virgin son to the ranch in our HBO show.
  12. im old enough dennis - the only reason why i want to come to
    the ranch is my girlfriend and & i been seprated for 2 years
    have not been with anyone else --
    ( just wanna come & play with the bunnies ) :lol:
    i think the guy monica morris is with dennis is just a crush
    i think she will be back :)
    the other thing dennis sex never worked between us,
    i decided to put my relashinship on hold -
    thanks your the best as always your the only one who posts on my boards :D ps i wqant to come to your ranch and have fun
  13. Are you saying your over 18.
  14. :D i would love too come to your ranch
    is 28 years old too old ?
  15. happy halloween dennis

    happy halloween dennis
  16. Curious as to what was stolen there if you could tell me . if you can't , that's cool too just was wondering . I'm guessing Champagne or those $80 shots of the good stuff . Tubes of lube ? Condoms ? Toys out of the display window ? Your heart maybe ? Can I get a clue ?

    Kim and I had an excellent time there at the ranch and I plan to come back next summer . Currently trying to get someone to go with me when I go as I'd hate to come alone . I have been looking for those same cigars like the one you gave me that night but I haven't had any luck . How about those Sabres !!!!!!!
  17. The "stolen" part from the Ranch looks like pulling a Wynona :wink:
  18. is she going to come back sometime?? i see her pictures are still in the bunnybabes section.

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