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  1. ALL i have to say is OMG. my first trip to the Bunny Ranch was unbelievable. It started with the beautiful Audrey. she is a true gem.I was so comfortable with her . So sensual and I love having her in my arms. Mental note for the future guests cuddle it a plus.Then it was time for some drinks at the bar. That is when she introduce me to jenny lane. After an hour or so of drinking and talking. I was in a tub with her and lacy.A GFE that i will not forget. Now like i was told not to go in with more then what you want to spend but oh way i never do what i am told. counting the day to return.maybe sooner then later that's for sure.

    [smilie=love sick.gif] [smilie=love sick.gif] [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  2. congrats!!!

    Sounds like you had an amazing time!
  3. .

    it was ok i guess :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Michael
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    Great Report! Congrats on your journey and your time with those beauties.
  5. Glad you liked minnie and mickey! [smilie=peek a boo!.gif] [smilie=peek a boo!.gif]
  6. It was a pleasure to meet you and look forward to seeing you again. My tub is always open for you and Jenny to join.
  7. .

    yes maybe in oct. if you and her will have me. Hopefully she will still have that crush on me lolololololol
  8. No problem, I'll bring bubbles.
  9. ok it all good

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