Thank You Dennis and Madam Suzette

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  1. My husband and I decided to come out there over the past weekend, and CUM we did. We showed up on Saturday, which you both were extremely busy, but still took the time to meet and greet us with open arms. Coming all the way from Florida meant a lot to us both. Madam Suzette THANK YOU so much for all the compliments you gave me, that meant so much to me as I was standing around all those beautiful girls at the ranch!!!! You are the BEST by far!!!! Dennis what can I say, THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to FLASH you at your both that Saturday, my husband was just so thrilled that I did that. By the way I sent you another flash and a picture hope you find them amazing!! HA-HA! We came out there looking for some answers as well as trying our first threesome together with 2 different parties. OMG did we have our fantasies filled and then some!!! Being together with a third party was just over the top!!!!! We booked a suite at the Peppermill for this and our first party was with Laci Ann and she was just wonderful and so considerate of the situation and what we were looking for! Then their was Valentine, what can I say we were hooked on this girl, boy did we party for 5 hours!!!! Liked it so much we had to come back on Monday and set another one up for that night with her, another 5 hours was just the most EROTIC experience in bed that we have had of course with another person!!! I can officially say I am hooked with this kind of partying. Dennis, your girls are truly the BEST, I am just so glad we did cum your way and experience it there instead of somewhere else. Booking our next party already see you in a few months......Blondie from Florida [smilie=kiss of love.gif]
  2. blondie from florida

    Hi how are you? You are so welcome. come back when you can stay longer. you can stay at the ranch next time. although the peppermill is nice. you and your husband are very nice. and you my friend are very very beautiful. and have a beautiful smile. good meeting you both and looking forward to seeing you again real soon. email me personally at [email protected].
    keep in touch.

  3. We did have an amazing time :!: :!: Thank you so much Blondie (BTW, this is one beautiful, sexy woman :D :D :D )
  4. VERY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! I am just so glad that you had such a great time! See ya soon!

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