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  1. (All right, I’ve been writing and re-writing this thing for over an hour now, and I just realized that, as a beautiful bunny babe recently told me, :-k I’m thinking too much. So here goes.)

    While on my recent journey of discovery at the fabulous Bunny Ranch, I had the good fortune to party with the beautiful, buxom Summer Paige. What can I say that others have not already said? Aside from her more obvious (and spectacular) physical attributes, Summer is also a vibrant, intelligent, charming, fun, and sexy bunny babe - she put me completely at ease, and made every minute of our time together an enveloping, sensuous delight. She scolded me gently about the fact that I didn’t pick her to lose my virginity with, as it is a speciality of hers - I don’t know how I could have missed that, considering how much time I spent studying the message boards here. #-o I opted to make use of the Ranch’s hot tub for our party - I could have happily laid there making out with her in that steaming, swirling water for hours. Of course, time was my enemy, and ended my party with Summer far too soon. Suffice it to say, she helped me to discover my now-favorite position. She also suggested a party with her and Maya Love - an idea that I now can’t go more than one minute without thinking about - in detail. :shock: I had fully intended to arrange such a party on my second swing through Reno later in the week, but the cruel fates crushed my hopes, and I had to change my travel plans.:evil: Summer also gave me a “homework assignment” (as I see a few other guys have also mentioned) that I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to fulfill. 8-[ I’ve got a feeling that when I get back to the Ranch again in September (knock on wood!) I’m going to be in trouble with the teacher... :D
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    Wow sounds like you had a blast I haven't partied with Summer yet but I have heard great things and A Maya, Summer, Audrey Party Is in the Works possibly I don't know when yet but it would be fun Summer calls it an oreo party
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    Yummy :wink: hugs for you Summer
  5. I LUV "V'S" !!!!

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