Sunset Thomas Reunion

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Well today's the day, My X sunset Thomas and I will be reunited on camera by HBO.

    we have not seen each other in two years, we have spoken a few times, usually it went like this.

    I hate you! hang up.
    2 minutes later
    Fuck you, I hate you.
    2 minutes later

    Then the next call would be nice and we would talk.

    This is going to be very interesting.
    How do you think it will go?

    Nice, nasty, crying, screaming? what do you think?

  2. Hmm, I've been there....doing the i hate you's and fuck you(s). I bet you guys will be nice...and nasty by What do i get if i get this right? :wink:

  3. Hell....Dennis.....give her my phone number....I would be happy if she said anything to me......she was a fantasy of mine not too long ago....

  4. Dennis i say just fuck her brains out then so "Well See what your missing"
  5. It was very strange, when she came in there was no sexual attraction at all.
    Sunset Thomas is a former Penthouse Pet, I put her in Hustler as a centerfold and she did a Playboy video along with 100's of porn movies and mags. There are many girls at the ranch I would rather play with, many.

    We had very little to talk about, I did the best I could for the camera but truthfully was bored to death, I even replayed a bunch of the really hot threesomes we had done thinking I would get some stimulation but it did not work.

    "There is no such thing as warmed over love"
  6. Chucks i got it wrong....well what reward do i get for getting it wrong?lol :wink:
  7. Spankings are a reward!!!!
  8. Sure there is,it's called Marriage........
  9. Just be gentle...hehe
  10. No disrespect to Sunset, but I think you can do better, Dennis. Brooke is about a zillion times hotter...
  11. Thanl you Ms L, that is a very nice thing to say, I can do better.
  12. It's nice to see ex's once in awhile... but you gotta remember it ended for a reason...
  13. I have to light Candles,join Hands and conduct a Sciance to see my Ex's.............
  14. My ex is a butthead, we just broke up over the weekend. Another girl was driving his car and I pulled up beside it like "WHAT?!" and I saw him peek his head up out of the passenger side, he was leaned all the way back in the chair. I followed them to the Taco Bell where I proceeded to curse him out and ended it in spitting in his face a la Pumpkin a la Flavor Of Love. I'm very hurt, but I'm ready to fill that heartache up with some partyin'!

    Comin Soon Baby!!!

  15. You're way too good for that bullcrap... You know I love ya!
  16. Trust me I flashed back on all the drama.
  17. It was not there, I really had no sexual attraction to her.

    I guess what I say is true.

    "There is no such thing as warmed over love"

    do you guys agree? have you ever ran into an X?
  18. I only have like 3 official ex's... One of them I wouldn't sleep with if he was the last man on earth just because I don't think of him like that anymore, we are just friends. The other two, yeah I probably would. :oops:
  19. The word of the month for you sweetheart is


    Don't forget it! Come home and hang with me and the girls I will get you a ticket.


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