REVIEW Sunday Funday with the One, the Only Air Force Amy!

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Steve Rogers, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. I recently visited the Moonlite BunnyRanch and had the pleasure of meeting Air Force Amy! Amy was responsive to my inquiry about her availability for an upcoming Sunday. Amy even wanted to know a little about me before I stopped in :).
    When the time came for us to meet at the Ranch, Amy informed me that she had a migraine, but she still wanted to see about rallying! I offered to reschedule due to her not being well. She insisted that we meet. I arrived at the Ranch freshly showered and ready to meet Amy; I was welcomed in and was asked if I was here to see Amy. Amy let them know I would be coming(how nice of her!).
    I took a seat at the bar and waited for Amy to come out. Amy came out in a stunning outfit that would make any man's pulse race! Amy sat down next to me and had a red bull while we shot the breeze. No sooner had I finished my drink when Amy said "Want to go to my room?!" DUH! Yes, please!
    Amy guided me to her room and sat down on the bed. We chatted for a bit before getting down to negotiations. Amy let me know of all the fun things we could do together. We made a plan; Amy excused herself for a moment and was back in a flash.
    I insisted on going down on her first! Amy gave me a high five and said we were going to get along great! After getting one or two O's, Amy draped her head over the bed and gave me one of the best bj's of my life! When I was rock solid, Amy requested doggy and I was more that happy to oblige. Another O for Amy and I finally got my release too!
    Amy was kind and offered a massage while I rested and got ready for round two. We kept chatting and were enjoying each other. Amy had me ready again in no time at all and now it was time for mish. Amy is very flexible and was enjoying herself again. Amy wanted to switch it up and go back to doggie. I forgot to mention that she had a mirror positioned so we could watch hot! After two rounds, I was done, but grateful for all the time spent with the lovely Amy! We cleaned up and headed outside to say our goodbyes. I was given a kiss on the cheek and a compliment on my attractiveness. Amy made me feel ten feet tall.
    Amy has a rocking figure, the body of a 29 y.o., but has an old soul! Just the type of lady for me! Amy, thank you so much for meeting me even when you weren't in the best of health. I hope to see you again someday!

  2. Captain America swoops in a sweeps me off my feet! Literally!!!! A standing 69? Never have i ever with such grace and ease! You are my man of steel and and soft heart. Thank you duo much for showing me yet again why I love my profession and it's perks so very, very much! I do hope to see you again becauseI am just a zealot for amazing, amazing men and an amazing man like you between the sheets. Thank you so very, very much my love!
  3. I love this part! he he . Blushing!
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  4. Readers must know that Steve Rogers later sent me photos of his days as a crowd and lady pleaser in firefighter gear, well actually not so much attire at all on and holy bejeezus, what I let slip out the door that night. Ooooh he is a lucky man that he escaped my clutches as I would have kidnapped him and kept him forevermore...... alas i know this had to be a once in a lifetime.... shucks.... but ah that night was oh a night to remember! Thank you Steve Rogers!
  5. A gal can certainly dream and fantasize can't she?

    The sad part of my job is that I know that some encounters are really only just a "once in a lifetime" experience for some even though I fall pretty hard for them.

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