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  1. My Schedule

    Parlor Hours 12am -12pm

    I am currently at the Kit Kat Ranch 5 days a week to make sure I am as available to you as needed!! I would like to give you my undivided attention and the best way to do that is by calling in a deposit and setting up an appointment. Call @KitKatRanch (775) 246-9975 Ext Zero to leave your deposit! I don’t discuss rates outside of the house, I do recommend a 10% deposit of your budget. Please send me a confirmation email after you’ve made your deposit so I can give you my private line and we can stay in touch! If you have further questions about this you can reach me Via email at [email protected]

    Hope to party with you soon!

    XOXO, Sierra Sin

  2. Oh Sierra is a night owl, I like! I often do my best work under the light of the moon! ;) xoxo

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