RANCH SPECIAL Sexual Healing??

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  1. PaytonSterling
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    PaytonSterling Your Sassy, Sweet, Edgy GFE!

    I want to offer you a special- TWO of my services for price of ONE! send me an email or text so can chat more and go from there. :)

    [email protected]

    (415) 688-6431

    ❤️ What’s MY vibe? Free spirited, emotionally intelligent, warm, curious, relaxed all day…can and do easily flip to a wild lioness at night. I work both!

    ❤️ I want to cater to your most intimate needs, make you feel at ease. I love chatting and building a connection with men, women, and couples.

    ☝I’ve got massage oil for a sexy sensual or firm touch and body sliding and experience in a massage parlor paired with it. Pillow talk you’re craving? that’s a big one for me.
    I can hold a conversation on most topics because I’m well traveled and have lived a lot of life through my twenties. Need someone to just listen? Or story swap? I’m innately curious so you’ve got a confidant.

    ⚡️ Feeling kinky? Do you want to explore your dominant side with me? Toys? Spanking? Any fetishes you’ve been aching to act on? Roleplaying or outfits you’d like me to wear? Let’s chat, I’m into that behind closed doors.

    ❤️ Are you a secret submissive or intrigued by being one? We can work safely with that as well.

    ⚡️I’ve got a handful of fun and intriguing card games to break the ice- one with 50 diff unique sexual positions in variety of languages we can pull from and reenact.

    ❤️ I offer passionate kissing and luuurvvvv making in my GFE service. I genuinely want to best accommodate your needs. Maybe you don’t know what those are yet but I can intuitively and confidently figure that out WITH you! I have 3 + years experience doing so with an array of clients and established legal well known establishments overseas and now at the famous bunny ranch!

    Thank you for reading and feel free to say hiiiii! no obligation of more or pass this on to someone who’s interest I might pique?

    Xo Payton

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    KikiLover ♛ Middle Eastern Princess ♛

    What a beautiful session to experience [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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