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  1. A friend of mine went to one of of those $5000 all-inclusive resorts with women companions (Vikings I think), he tried to get me to go like I have that kind of money right now or would risk that. Well he just got tested and has HIV now and two other STD's so this is a HUGE reason for me to go to a nice safe brothel like the Bunny Ranch. He should have been concerned when the women didn't insist on condom use and he went bareback (I think thats the right term) with by accounts eight women! I think he was really stupid. And cheap!

    Man those places are scary. I say stay home, spend a little more and buy American (or real sweet foreign girls working hard in America) companionship at a safe legal place.

    I take it for the $6000 he spent altogether he could have had a hell of trip to the Bunny Ranch so why do men go to these cheap outfits, ok they are likely cheap bastards but like its worth getting something and bringing it back. The savings is not worth my life or hurting my favorite buddy with some hideous disease, thats no fun. :(

    So Dennis Hof I feel your providing a great service and a safe one allowing for clean fun, and wickedly nice looking women of every sort one might want- not sure when I can make it (saving up) but I'll choose the Bunny Ranch.
  2. this is exactly why i wonder why people complain on here about having to wear condoms....
  3. I agree with you Lindsey I dont like condoms, but I love life, so life wins. I heard some cop on a special on TV talking about hookers and thier clients not using condoms. He said all they are doing is plying Russian Roulette
  4. May I add...

    And these are not even girls like those in LPIN, they are not tested and come from questionable places. Three from Africa and everyone knows the HIV rate there in many countries.

    Wear a condom. It also shows you respect the prostitute and care about her health and isn't that important too?
  5. lack of respect is an issue everywhere...... some people are only worried about themselves.
  6. You would have to be nothing short of crazy not to wear a condom. Tarot, I'm sorry your friend is HIV positive. I guess he learned the hard way (Non pun intended) Thats one trip I bet your glad you missed.

    By the way Lindsey your a hottie !
  7. to be frank! because condoms suck! ... as allot of guys think it takes away allot of the enjoyment ... which they do and it does in allot of ways! ... but condoms do make for safer and clean sex. sex with condoms is still alot of fun ... but they will never ever replace the real deal!!! .... Is what allot of the guys you are saying is complaining ... really trying to say I think.

    As I have not heard anyone on this message board yet to complain about it ... but then again some one may have posted it ... as I have not been able to get out here much lately either .. as work has been so busy ..
  8. To the best of my knowledge, there have been no cases of AIDS or any other STD caused by a Nevada brothel. However there's a reason for that – any activity that could transfer an STD is required to use protection (condom, dental dam, etc.). The majority of the workers in this industry won't even kiss you on the lips for that same reason.

    If you want the full blown experience with another person, you're risking getting her pregnant or passing an STD back and forth with her and that's the ugly truth. Sorry if I sound harsh but sleeping with a prostitute who doesn't use protection is outright suicide.
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    I must remark that Chiz's comment about "Rusian Roulette" was rather ammusing to me seeing as Eastern Europe is a huge source for the girls at these *ahem* "resorts."


    I looked at a few of these places....and decided it wasn't for me. I've heard some other horror stories about these places (Viking and another one whos name I don't remember) which turned me cold ot the idea.

    As far as the whole 'condom' issue goes.......

    I don't see what the big deal is with using a rubber. Some guys get all bent out of shape about it. I don't mind at all. Never have. Mind you there is a huge difference between having sex with someone at a brothel and making love to your girlfriend/wife/whatever.

    I wouldn't go without a condom in a brothel. Sorry....I'm not taking a chance. I think people need to THINK before they act. Yes, a condom does change the feeling. I have always found it to be a small change and I never had a problem getting off with one so I don't see why men get all upset when they have to use one.

    With a girlfriend's different. I do think it takes away from the emotional experience and don't like to use them with someone that I'm in love with. Even in that situation I do think a couple should go get tested together before going bareback. Might as well be absolutely sure before you take the leap.

  10. I saw a post about a week ago.... someone was asking if the girls would have sex with him without a condom...

    yes, condoms do suck. but personally, being healthy is a priority to me.

    ask anyone who has HIV and they will vouch for that.
  11. on a moral level

    These resorts are something I've looked into as well. I studied human rights at college and did a report on human sex trafficking and slavery. Many of the women at these "all inclusive" sex resorts were likely abducted at a young age and forced into an abusive lifestyle of forced prostitution with no sane limits. It's a far cry from somthing like the Bunny Ranch, where women are presumably working of their own free will, operating in a reasonably threat free environment, and are allowed to keep most of the money they make. My vote's for the BR. It's a basic human rights issue.

    As for condom use...I don't like them. I have difficult time getting off wearing a condom but, unless I enter into another monogamous/serious relationship, I'll always wear one.
  12. This post brings to mind a couple of incidents that I have been exposed to over the years in this industry(legal and illegal side). I know from associating with the ladies that work the streets that there are customers that will pay more for unprotected sex. How stupid is that? Most of the ladies that I have known over the years are in the high risk group (iv drug users) yet these customers still want unprotected sex.
    I myself have found over the years that the use of a condom is not that uncomfortable or all the other reason I have heard. I have been useing condom since the late 70's (79) my reasons were for health and I didn't want no kids.(worked so far lol)
    Anyone that wants to have unprotectecd sex with anyone needs to have their head exaimed. Look at this way everytime you have unprotected sex with a person you are having sex with every person that person has had sex with. So if they have had sex with 20 other people and you have unprotected sex with them. Those twenty people are in the room with you while you are having sex.(and you thought you were alone)
    Over the years I have been in a few heated debates about legal prostitution. My view is that it should be legal and monitored for the safety of both the lady and the clients. I consider myself an advocate for the ladies and this industry. Yes I catch a lot of slack for my views on this industry. That's ok the ones giving me slack end up being customers sooner or latter any how. Condoms are for life without the use of them you are just putting another bullet in that chamber :?: :?: :?:
  13. condom usage

    Even if you get tested there is no 100% certain way to guarantee you won't develop something months or years down the road. Hell, you could end up displaying no symptoms and be a carrier -spreading the disease.

    The master painters used to paint black moles on the cheeks of nobility in portraits to designate who had syphillis. Maybe we could brand everyone who has any STDs with a swastika on their forehead, that way we can all run for the hills.

    Eh, most of the time I'll just masturbate and be miserable -but healthy. You can't even swap spit without the danger of getting something. It's a damn crappy situation for guys. Condoms aren't natural, but neither is cauliflower dick. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. I'm thinking your buddy should have got a Fleshlight instead of a Viking.

    If it's any consolation kids, we all get to take a nice, pleasant dirt nap at the end of our journey. :D
  14. I have only had sex with my wife and only with condoms. If I relied on her for contraception, we would have a house full of unwanted children. She would forget her head if it was not attached!

    Condoms do not suck! CONDOMS RULE!

    GO TROJANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Just don't let her forget to give head.
  16. Dennis, you da man! :D

    Yes, she will give head without a condom. Is there anything I can eat that will make my wad taste better?

    On that subject, what brands of condoms do the courtesans use at your establishment? My wife and I use Trojan Ultra Pleasure with Spermicidal Lubricant.

    Do the courtesans use flavored condoms when giving blow jobs?
  18. The answer is,unless your going to kiss her after,who cares how it tastes..........
  19. I like the mint ones, vanilla flavored & stawberry flavored although they taste like cherry lip balm.

    Worst: Anything Chocalate flavored!
  20. Siding for life

    I have to say I agree on the condom use... no it doesn't feel natural, but neither does going byebye in some gruesome slow way. Besides, does it really matter anyway when the end result is the same? You still get off, condom or no, right?
  21. The reason why some people talk about not wearing a condom is simple. Most men don't want to wear them when they have a chance to be with a extremely hot girl..because feeling her without a condom is like heaven...BUT that's where the lack of intelligence comes in...NO matter how hot or sexy or usually takes seconds for a man to cum when with a exceptionally hot ask your self, is that few seconds worth a week or two of antibiotics or a lifetime of cocktail treatments for an STD just except the fact that you're in heaven just being with the girl...BE SMART USE A CONDOM!!!!!

  22. AMEN!!!! All i have to say is i wouldnt do a guy that i dont know jack about without a condom! Soo i stick with everyone else on here Use em, or lose em get it?

    Jenna Lee
  23. How horrific! I can't believe anyone would run a business like that without imposing regular and mandatory testing on those poor girls!

    Tarot, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I can't even imagine how scary that would be. Good thing you skipped it.

    Stay safe, everybody!
  24. wow, that is sad, sound like an urban legend :(

    one of my friend have slept with over 100 party girls(sluts that have more sex that prostitutes :p) without condom and only got chlamydia(spelling) twice.
    yea he have been lucky, but there are cases of hiv pos girls married to men(and vice versa) for years till they discovered the girl was pos, but the male was still clean.
    I always use condoms, you cant feel a thing, but i think it is worth it.

    found this thread on google because i heard a rumour that the bunny ranch did not use condoms, of course i read that was false.
  25. CAUTION: Five year old post.
  26. yeah this post is from back in the day when I first found the board
  27. Prostitution is legal in Germany today. No testing requirement now and it never was enforced. CAUTION!
  28. perhaps not by the law, but by the clubs/brothels/relax spa :)
  29. That is crazy and scary, this is why I am glad that I am a lover at dennis's world famous LOVE RANCH NORTH. We get tested and always are clean.
  30. Based on conversations with several working girls in Hamburg in June of this year, I stand by my previous statement.

    Prostitution is legal in Germany today. No testing requirement now and it never was strictly enforced by the government or the establishments. CAUTION!

    Based on a Google search, the number one establishment in the world is in Australia, the MLBR is second, and the number three is in Hamburg. Since we were in Hamburg, a wingman and I went by to check out the scene and thus the conversations in the bar.
  31. Ouch, always wear a helmet. :D
  32. Hence why it is always better to play it safe...

    Come get all you fun naughty adventures where its safe tested and legal at BR
  33. soooooooooo true, and so many are doing the redbook thingy now, and if only they knew the very real dangers.....
  34. if it is only to save a few, good thing then, as to have more to spend on head stone.


    amaya amore

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