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  1. 1. How tall are you and what are your specs?

    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 130
    Measurements: 34C-26-36
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: shoulder length, color can vary with my mood that week ;)
    Tattoos: yes
    Body piercings: yes

    2. What types of parties do you offer?

    I do it ALL! Nothing is off limits unless it is against the law. Just ask, and we can talk about any of your secret desires. And don't worry if you prefer to stick to the classics, because classics never go out of style!

    3. What is your "type" of guy?

    I don't have a "type" when it comes to physical appearance. Short, tall, thin, muscular, ample, younger, older, whatever nationality, when I like you it's ON!

    4. What turns you on?

    It's more about the chemistry and flow than the specific activity. When you're having a good time, so am I. I would never ask you to do something you don't care to do just to please me.

    5. Do you like to party with couples or single women?

    Yes and yes! Being a provider for couples looking to experiment with new adventures is fantastic. Whatever your comfortability levels are, I am more than happy to accommodate. And single women are more than welcome in my bedroom, it's quite exhilarating to make a woman scream and writhe again and again!

    6. Can you come to my hotel room?

    I can indeed! However, you need to come here first so we can book a party called an "out date." Then I can not only come to your hotel room, I can go with you to dinner, a concert, dancing, anywhere you like within Nevada state lines.

    7. So how much is this going to cost me?

    That depends on you! I work within all reasonable budgets, and the more generous you are with me the more I can give right back to you. Just let me know what you're working with (face to face in my room, not online or over the phone) and I will tell you what kind of an adventure we can have together.

    8. I'm going to be in Vegas for the weekend. How far are you from there?

    The Sagebrush Ranch is in Carson City, which is an 8-hour drive or 1-hour commuter flight into Reno and 30-40 minutes drive from Reno airport.

    9. What is your availability?

    I am available 7 days a week, anytime from 12 noon on. I encourage you to make an appointment with me either by phone or email, so I can set aside enough time for us to spend together in advance.

    10. Last but not least, do you take credit cards? How does that work?

    At the Sagebrush we accept cash, all major credit cards, pre-paid Visa cards, debit cards, and travelers checks. Credit and debit cards are billed through an untraceable parent company so you don't need to worry about something that says "Ranch" or "Brothel" or "House" appearing on your statement. We also have an ATM on site if you need it.
  2. StevenL
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    StevenL Well-Known Member

    Very good answers to some common questions....I really am interested in meeting you the next time I am there
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  3. That would be great! I look forward to meeting you as well! :)
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  4. I love how your hair colour is pretty much always a surprise. What's Roxy's color this week? lol
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  5. At the moment it's kind of a coral color :)
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  6. Being "naughty"-cal this week? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. Haha love it! :)
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  8. Back to the blonde... For now ;)
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  9. PhoenixRising
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    PhoenixRising Well-Known Member

    YOU are a 10 girl [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  10. Aww shucks, Phoenix! :p
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  11. Another 10 answered questions coming soon! :)
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  12. Top 10... this time it's personal :)

    1. What is your favorite type of food?

    I like really bad-for-me foods the best of all. Fried foods, carbs, recipes containing the words "add a stick of butter"... these are what I can't resist!

    2. Where do you like to shop?

    Walmart, Ulta Beauty, Macy's, and Amazon are my go-to's for most things.

    3. What do you like to do in your spare time?

    Intellectually I like to read books, watch TV, watch movies, listen to music, learn fun facts about topics of interest. Physically I love yoga and hula hoop for the time being.

    4. What is your ranch tour schedule? Do you live locally or go back and forth?

    I am at the Sagebrush full time, though I still have my place back home.

    5. What do you consider your best feature?

    Physically I would say my womanly hips are my best feature. Mentally I would say my laid back nature is my best feature.

    6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

    To be good at math and/or computers naturally without having to work at it.

    7. What are your plans for the future?

    I have a very promising future as a cat lady. I will build my feline empire before your eyes and you will tremble.

    8. If you won the lottery, what would you do?

    Be in a much higher tax bracket and do my best to plan accordingly.

    9. If you had access to a time machine for one day, what would you do?

    Go to a lot of concerts of people who have either passed away or are not performing anymore.

    10. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

    Fast healing and near-immortality like Wolverine.
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  13. Great Questions and very thoughtful Answers, Miz Rox (I'm with you re: Number 6. BTW, you'd make an awesome Wolverine (Halloween project?)
  14. Thanks, RunningSquirrel! I will keep Wolverine I mind as a potential Halloween project (minus all the body hair, hehe) :)
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  15. Who is your favorite author ?
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  16. Roald Dahl. I have always been enchanted by his writing style. Lots of dry wit as well as taking utmost seriousness in the intelligence of the reader. :)
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  17. Magenta
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    Magenta Let me be your fun size!

    Some amazing Q & A's
    Miss Roxy!
    I love #7 on the personal side.
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  18. Such a good choice, and bit off the common authors you usually hear, so I like that.
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  19. Another top 10 coming soon! :)
  20. Top 10... Some say materialistic, I say I like stuff!

    1. What is your dream car?

    My dream classic has always been the 1956 Chrysler Imperial. As I've mentioned in another thread, I really like the new hybrid CR-Z because the old CRX's kicked ass.

    2. Where would you build your dream house?

    In a big city that's warm most of the year, preferably with a body of water within a 15 minute drive.

    3. How would you decorate it?

    With lots of paneling, framed dragon posters and ceramic cats everywhere.

    4. What is your favorite perfume?

    I don't really use perfume, but I love bath products (soaps, scrubs, etc) that are scented.

    5. Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood?

    Frederick's all the way!

    6. You won a free trip to the destination of your choice! Where will it be?

    Tahiti If it's December or Iceland if it's July.

    7. Who are your favorite clothing designers?

    Levi Strauss and Chuck Taylor.

    8. Do you support any charities?

    Local pet adoptions and local artists. And of course, the Roxy Wants Cool Stuff Foundation.

    9. What's something frivolous that you can't resist buying?

    A random item usually for someone else that I see while I'm shopping. "So And So would like this!"

    10. You just found $100 in the street! Where will you spend it?

    First I look around to make sure no one lost any money. Then I hit Walmart.
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  21. Thank you all for reading my Top 10's! :)
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  22. Domus
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    Domus Well-Known Member

    If you like history, Iceland has some amazing history and old buildings, but if you're there for more scenic stuff see about going diving. Most people think of the forests or hot springs, but the diving in Iceland is amazing.
  23. Love these!! I could be a cat-lady too, Roxy ;)
  24. Roxy, if you could go to a concert of any artist who has passed on, who would you go see?
  25. shelbystar
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    shelbystar Looks gets you, my personality brings you back!

    These are some great questions and answers Roxy!!!
  26. I have never been diving so I will keep that in mind! Thanks for the tip, Domus! :)
  27. Cat ladies rule! :)
  28. Tie between Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash :)
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  29. Thanks, Shelby! Glad you like them! :)
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  30. I'm glad you are enjoying my thread! :)
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  31. Highly informative!! Great FAQs ;)
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  32. As good as Elvis could be - absolutely awesome - I think I miss Johnny Cash even more. Great choices, Roxy!
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  33. The fact that you would buy something because someone else might enjoy it is just SOOOO YOU!!! What a Sweetie!!!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  34. Please message me for topics you would like to see more FAQ's about! :)
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  35. Top 10... Let's philosophize.

    1. What made you decide to come to the Sagebrush Ranch?

    I was at a point in life where I desired making big changes. New location, new line of work, new experiences every day. It was (and still is) a great fit for me.

    2. I saw on your video bio that you used to be a dancer. Which do you like better?

    Ranch life, by far! It is a much more supportive and positive environment here than I ever experienced in any club I worked at.

    3. Do your friends and family know you work at the Sagebrush?

    A few do, most don't.

    4. Was it a big culture shock going from LA to northern Nevada?

    More of a climate shock than a culture shock. I don't know if I will ever get used to how much colder and drier it gets here. I do miss the beach, but I have come to love the mountains.

    5. Do you ever think you'll get married/have kids/settle down/white picket fence and all that?

    Are you proposing? ;)

    6. What do you like the best about being a Sagebrush girl?

    Being a part of something unique and amazing.

    7. What do you like the least?

    Photo shoots make me very nervous and anxious. But that goes all the way back to Picture Day in grade school.

    8. Is it stressful to not get chosen by a guy?

    Not at all. One of the beautiful things about coming to the Ranches is for clients to be able to choose whomever they want to party with. If it's not me, that's okay. Maybe I'm not his type, maybe he has plans to party with me another time.

    9. Are guys ever rude to you? How do you react to that?

    Sticks and stones, rubber and glue.

    10. Are you happy with your life at the Sagebrush?

    Absolutely. I have bosses who are great to work for, share a beautiful house with lots of hot women, and have made some great connections. I wake up happy every day.

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