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  1. Hey everybody I'm new to the boards and I'd love to be a bunny. My name is Roxanne, I will be eighteen on July week away... I'm a young one. lol. I'm 5'4 and 120lbs. My ethnicity is Sicilian and Native American. I just graduated high school C/O 07 woo woo. lol. I hope to use the money I make from the ranch to pay for college and major in communications and sports broadcasting... with that degree I'd like to persue a career in radio. I just sent Suzette an email and I can't wait to hear back.
  2. best of luck to you ! Enjoy the message board in the meantime !
  3. Good luck Roxanne. :D
  4. thank you everybody. [smilie=kiss of love.gif]
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    Good luck in becumming a bunny and welcome to the boards in the meantime.

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