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    Story time!

    After last night’s party ended, my “never-been-to-a place-like-this-before” client was chatting with me while we toweled off from the shower and got dressed. He was curious about what my life was like here at Sagebrush. He came out to snowboard at one of the resorts in Lake Tahoe. He had never been “out west” until now, and had lots of great questions.

    So, do you live here?”

    “Well, I’m from Colorado and travel back and forth in between tours, but I’m here for an average of three weeks of every month and live (and play) in this room while I’m here.”

    “Oh, that’s cool! What kind of clients do you typically see here?”

    “I see all walks of life here, but let me preface your question with some background first.

    One thing people don’t know is that I never have to do anything I don’t want to do with anyone I don’t want to do it with. So people like you, for example… you are a hot, athletic younger guy who just wants to have fun and blow off some steam and escape your everyday life. I love the energy you bring to the party, because I’m high energy too. Another thing most people don’t know…You didn’t choose me…I chose you. You see, as an independent contractor, I wasn’t obligated to party with you - after you picked me out of the lineup, I got to choose whether I wanted to party with you. I’m SO glad I did.”

    I’m glad you did too!”

    (We laugh and I continued…)

    “To answer your question, I do see a lot of younger guys like you who either have a thing for MILF’s or cougars, or they want someone with more experience to take their fantasies to the next level. But younger guys like you are not the only category of clients I see.

    I see people who have disabilities who need extra accommodations, or those with health issues that require extra time or attention. I work with those who are overcoming trauma of some kind as a trauma-informed intimacy partner. I help them regain their own power and control over their body. I help them learn to trust and have pleasure again.

    Then… sometimes I have threesomes with couples, or bring in a friend for a 2-girl party with a single guy… or I give a bi-curious woman the chance to explore without any strings attached. I provide companionship for widows, or sometimes I educate virgins or newbies wanting to feel more confident in bed or have their first no-pressure/no-stress experience. I see people with kinks or fetishes who want a safe space to do BDSM scenes or for those who have no outlets to feed their kinks and want to try things for the first time with someone who has experience with their fetish or kink.

    On top of that, a lot of people don’t know that a lot of times the things I do have absolutely nothing to do with sex. People need companionship, connection, and physical touch. I create a safe place for them to be able to express themselves fully.”

    “You mean you aren’t always having sex?

    “Yep. Sometimes I’m there to simply listen, cuddle, or massage someone because their circumstances have left them depleted in some way. There are a lot of touch-starved people out there, especially when Covid hit and we had to quarantine for extended periods of time. Human touch is essential and not everyone has easy access to it.

    Let’s face it… I keep things simple and relieve a lot of stress for a lot of people in a lot of ways. Some people spend a lot of time, money, and energy in dating scenarios that go nowhere, and here they can guarantee they will have a great night out with me and can come back to my room after dinner or a night out on the town and not have to deal with those awkward conversations about safe sex and whether their partner has proof they have been tested for STD’s. I am basically the drama-free girlfriend they’ve always wanted to have.”

    “Oh, wow. I didn’t think about that. Do you like it?”

    “Honestly? I love it. I came out here because I believe that sex work is healing work, and this is how I can positively impact people in a safe, discreet, consensual, and healthy way.”

    As I gave him one last kiss before he left, he thanked me for the experience and said he appreciated learning more about what I do and why I do it.

    I thanked him back for being the kind, respectful
    client that I will always enjoy sharing time and experiences with, and sent him out the door with a smile.

    I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do…it’s my happy place where I can bring happiness to others…So I’m going to keep right on doing it!

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  2. Awesome story with some great questions and answers!
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    TorreyLisa A perfect blend of lingerie, leather, & diamonds.

    Thank you! It’s refreshing to know I’m able to share info many may not know. I appreciate your kind words!
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    I love that you're always willing to teach and share what you've taught! Cheers to nurturing the next generations!

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    TorreyLisa A perfect blend of lingerie, leather, & diamonds.

    If anyone has any questions I am always happy to answer them - you can post the question here, or privately via email:
    [email protected]
  6. TorreyLisa, thank you for sharing and for teaching. Always like to learn new things and hear about experience that will make the first or next visit better!
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