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  1. Dennis,

    I hope this question does not seem rather foolish but I am an Iraqi Veteran badly wounded and was wondering if the girls would find it repulsive to see someone who has rather prominent scars on his body. I am rather self conscious on this and would not want to repulse someone especially when visiting your place...thank you for your time and really enjoy your show...Guys overseas get a kick at all th goings on at your place you lucky guy
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    best advice is to pm some of the ladies you are interested in and ask them personally
  3. Hi! All of the bunnies here are really sweet and very nonjudgmental. And our troops are highly respected for your amazing service to our country. I hope you will come to the ranch and have the time of your life! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me anytime. xoxo...CoCo

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