possible bunny material...you be the judge

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  1. Take a look and let me know what you think of me....rate me if you will:)
  2. I will judge you honey

    I m an older gentleman, who travels to Las Vegas about once a month. I would love to see you. Nothing against the girls that are there, they are beautiful, there is just something about a natural, girl next door look, that gets me everytime. How does one get a hold of you? Do you currently work in Reno at one of rthe Brothels? If so, which one? I would love to meet you!
  3. Hello

    I do not currently work for the Bunnyranch, or any other house. I actually work for a TV Network. Yes, nine to five, very boring job. Believe me as soon as I get hired I will put as posting out announcing it so you can find me, and possibly book with me :wink:
  4. Hey

    I do not know the hiring process, I have never been to a brothel before. I have contemplated for quite sometime, a buddy saw you picture and told me to come on here and have a look. He was right you ar exactly what the DR. ordered. How long before someone can make an appointment with you?
  5. I wish I knew

    I am not sure about how long it takes, I think you have to be on a waiting list or something. I believe they are looking for a wide selection of girls. I am not sure how many of them out there look like me. I really hope that my look is the only one out there, but I am waiting to hear back right now, sigh :cry:
  6. You have my vote

    I hope that I can be patient enough, if I were to wait, I am sure you are well worth it.
  7. Oh please do

    I am very excited to meet you, so you have to wait, I promise, it will be worth it:) I am heading off to bed, I have to get my beauty rest:) Bye for now!
  8. Well I guess so

    If you must, I do not think you need it though. I hope to talk to you again? Goodnight honey
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    Dennis...Madam...bring this girl on...These two need to get a room!

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