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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Playboy Night calls has followed the Bunny's back from Hef's, what a gas they are here at the ranch now and you will see the Bunny's on night calls with me and the host Jesse Jane.

    I wish you could have seen the girls last night, OMG.

    Do you watch Night Calls?

    Better start!
  2. What channel is Night Calls on and when is it airing?
  3. It plays on the Playboy channel.

    I watch it all the time.
  4. Playboy Nights

    Playboy Nights
    So, the show aired last nite, rt? Missed it. What did everyone think??? Bunnies, did you enjoy seeing it? Dennis, I thought for sure this morning there would be a buzzzz about the show....please dish!
    Come on everyone...let's hear the scoop!!!
  5. sweetiedd it never aired. There's actually a thread on it in the general forum, but apprently Night Calls was so impressed by the Bunnies (and really, who wouldn't be?) that they are going to film a whole lot more before airing any of the footage. Stay tuned to forums for more info, either Dennis, Suzette or the Bunnies will post new info as they get it.
  6. Playboy nights

    Thx- I saw that info in gen. forum. It was posted after this post. Funny- noboby said it wouldn't be airing until after it was supposed to be?! But, no doubt there is a lot of HOT material to be shown form the BR:) thx
  7. They followed me and the bunnies home and are coming back soon then we will all be on the show
  8. That's awesome Dennis. First HBO and now Playboy Channel. The plot to take over TV is coming together quite nicely :lol:
  9. With th Bunnies I will take over the media!!!

    I love my bunny's
  10. We all love em too Dennis. BTW, if you take over the media, won't that put a crimp into Howard's title as King??
  11. Howard is the king and has very supportive of the Buunyranch for 11 years.

    If i was number two to him, that;s Ho,K.
  12. Howard

    Howard is the King of Media and rightly so...

    Dennis is the King of the HO, need I say Moe!
  13. Re: Howard

    So true...i agree :wink:
  14. Re: Howard

    No just tell us, can you have sex in this position.
  15. Re: Howard

    Hey D:

    I can have sex in this and many more intense positions.... I think I need to do a photoshoot that shows my flexible positions...

    Last season on HBO they were calling me the Positions Expert! hehehe kisses, Fire
  16. smile...

    Dennis.. I want to be your bunny ;) and take over the media with you :) smile hope all is well :lol:
  17. The media has never been the same. A lot of people are following in HBO's footsteps in regards to the Ranch. HBO is very innovative and smart....they see a good thing and go with it.
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