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  1. How do I put my pic next to my name when I chat? :?
  2. E mail [email protected] and send him the pics, if its not done let me know.
  3. D, you said you sent him my pics to hook my AVTR... it's still not up baby :twisted:

    I know you were busy, but hook me up Daddy!
  4. I am on it, its a shame I am not on you.
  5. Well then get on top of it D and hook up my pic, and then ... ME !! :twisted:

    And BTW, it is a shame. Daddy, you're missin' out. I'm a patient gal though. Besides, you should always save the best for last! :wink:

    Luved our chat lastnight. Thanks for checkin' in with me and making me smile :D
  6. Did Bob get it done?

    Your fun to talk to!!!
  7. Bob's laggin', nope not done! Grrrr

    I'm always fun to talk to, esp when I get to talk to you :p

  8. Hey, it's up now. Thank's Daddy... Muwah :p

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