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  1. Heya bunny world! *bounces around* Please, can somebody help a poor kitten. I've no idea how to post my pics up here and I really want to. Help!
    *pouts* Please? :?
  2. Hello Bunnies!!!

    Hi I am a newcomer at this bunny board myself...it took me a while to decide to join the board...but your post and several other ladies posting this question decided to make me take the plunge and get on here and answer...

    I know this isn't a sticky but hopefully it will help ladies if they want to upload or post some pictures of themselves on this board!!! ;)
    (me likely pretty sexy ladies pics!!!)

    First I recommend register and upload adult photos for free

    at either h t t p // hidebehind dot com

    or h t t p //www dot partyforadults dot com/cgilocal/newrater/

    both allow you to anonymously and quickly upload adult photos and personal photos...

    hidebehind is good ...very easy to register ...just like the bunnyboard

    then when you upload you can link your photo like this:

    [​IMG] ...whoops...dont wanna make anyone gourdy...lol


    you add a link like:


    anyways....I hope this helps you and any bunnies or women who want to be bunnies post photos...lots of tittilating sexy bunny photos....mmmmm.....ahhhhh....

    ...Hope this helps!!!

    hasta bunnies!!!...

  3. Re: Hello Bunnies!!!

    Thanks a bunch! I'll see if that ends up working and get back to ya! *hugs*
  4. I found out that my space dot com can work well plus others like Ringo dot com, facebook as well. First look around then see what looks the best.
    In the mean time some of the bunnies plus quite a few of us members have got myspace check them out before you decide.


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