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  1. Hi
    I live in the UK and have just watched the program about the bunny ranch.
    Just wanna say that you have some absolutely stunning girls there.
    Certainly worth the 6000 mile trip to be with one of your girls.
    great job.
  2. Thank you HO much!

    We did a show a few years ago on BBC 3, it was an 11 part series called the ranch, it that what you saw?
  3. hi

    Yeah I think so but this was on a channel called bravo.
    still it was very good to watch and had some stunning looking girls on it.
    I think you were on the owner? was giving a talk on how good the winter is for the business.
    I hope you all the best it just makes me wish i lived over there.
    as for the UK crappy place to live.
  4. Re: hi

    Ok lets just move you to Bunnyville and play with the Bunnies and enjoy the weather.
  5. HI

    I can only dream ha ha
    cheers mate take care
  6. bravo have shown the first series of cathouse

    how i came across this wonderful place myself.

    and since i joined up to the website and used the message board it has all been wonderful!!!!

    the bunny fund is coming along nicely and will be heading over there next year

    btw i am from IRELAND

    well done to Denis and the wonderful MADAM SUZETTE on running such a fine establishment
  7. Maybe we should plan a Bunny trip to your part of the world?
  8. Europe! woo hoo! I'd love to make a 3rd trip out to Europe... kisses Fire

    p.s. I was filmed for a 5 part series on the BBC a few years back about the testing procedures in the Porn Industry through AIM healthcare
  9. How about the

    "Griswald's Bunnyranch Euro Vacation"?
  10. I LOVE that idea!!! That would be HO much fun!!!
    I'm sure we could find lots of naughty ways to occupy our time ;)
  11. great

    as hard as it would be you could stay at my house.
    I would be willing to share my bed with maybe 2 or 3 dozen bunnies.
  12. Re: great

    You must have a big bed.

    You don't me to be by myself do you?
  13. hi

    Hello mate.
    you can stay too lol.
    you look like a god of shagging perhaps you give advice?
  14. I love it! It could even be a "Griswald's Bunnyranch EURO HO Vacation"... kisses Fire

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