OMG Audrey is SOOOOOOOOOOOO Amazing 4th time with her

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by kevinz0071, Jun 14, 2008.

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    So Of course i also saw my favorite lady and Super bunny Audrey. Words cannot describe her gorgeous personality as well as her stunning sexy everything else. What can I say about this truly wonderful and just mind blowing experiance. Well first I show up right and she comes out and my heart skips a beat she's wearing my favorite color and gives me that smile that could stop traffic. Then I get a huge hug. I pass out presents and then make the announcement that i am moving to Reno and get another congragalatory hug from her. WE head back to the room shortly after and negotiations are short and we head back to the room and I have to say her GFE is just unsurpassed. I still go weak just thinking about it. And she is a great Cuddle Bunny as well. But this blew me away also. After My short party with Coco Audrey and I got to snuggle and talk in the parlor for the next long whileI am so lucky to have Her arond and be her client To Audrey I had another amazing time and I will see you very soon again

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