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  1. I've seen a few of the bunny shows (I work a lot) and I've seen a few other movies... I have a couple of questions. How does the bunny ranch work as far as how many weeks the working girls work? Some places I've seen was work 3 weeks and off 1 week. Do you get to choose the days you get to work? Do the girls live at the ranch (they normally do but since the ranch is so popular I didn't know if it was different)? On the shows, I've seen that the girls basically get along... is that really true? When the girls dont live there at the ranch do they have apartments or houses... or what? I am very interested in becoming a bunny, I just have some questions. I currently live in Indiana and this would be a big move for me... I've been in the adult industry since 18 so thats not a big deal, but I have never been past Chicago, hehe. I would applicate any questions, answered. Thanks so much!!!
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