My Sunrise Special with TEGAN TATE

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Crock_Harker, Nov 3, 2012.

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    After the Toga Party at the LRN, I made my way back to the Bunny Ranch. I found the parlor fairly active for 2:30am. I made my way to the bar to chill out for a bit before heading to bed. That was not to be the case just yet, as Tegan Tate came thru, saw me and sat down for a chat. Two and half hours and a few drinks later, she was escorting me to my room. We were having such great conversation, I wanted to find out more about this petite, wild child.

    Tegan has made quite on impression on those with whom she has met and partied. She is definitely one of those women that if you are really into your inner "dark side", Tegan is a definite must-see. On the outside, Tegan appears to be a sweet, innocent girl next door type. And while that may be partially true, she is much, MUCH more. There really isn't much, sexually speaking, that this girl won't or hasn't done. If you are into fetish, anal, bondage, etc. then Tegan is your lady.

    But if you are also looking for simple GFE party, Tegan is also a great choice for this as well. She stands just at or slightly under 5ft tall, very petite, with all natural B cup breasts, a nice clean-shaven and very, VERY tight kitty!

    We started off kissing and massaging each other gently. She is a great kisser. Very sexual. Will definitely get your motor going. I had her lay down on the bed and did a little DATY. She is very vocal in the bedroom and at the moment of climax, she sat straight up with gasp. This was VERY hot. She then lay on her back with her head over the side of the bed as I penetrated her orally. Several times during this, Tegan grabbed my ass and pulled me in deeper and deeper. Wow! :shock:

    We switched over to doggy (her favorite) for a while. This is one girl you can grab by the waist and just go and for her, the harder the better. We worked up quite a sweat here until she climaxed yet again.

    I then moved to the center of the bed on my back and she showed me her expert oral and deep throating skills. Three words - no gag reflex. Enough said. She then mounted me for some intense cowgirl where climaxed yet a third time.

    She then hopped off and finished me off with her expert oral skills!

    When she left my room at 6am, the sun was beginning to break the dawn and I needed to sleep to recharge my batteries for the WIG OUT party tonight!!!

    This is one girl that can fulfill your every fantasy, including that dark side! May the force be with you! You'll need it!!! :mrgreen:
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    Great review Crock!!! Tegan definitely is getting a following!!! :wink:

  3. jestr
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    jestr Active Member

    Wow, great review Crock, definitely a different kind of party girl :)
  4. NICE :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :D
  5. Aww thank you Crock! I had a fantastic time with you!
  6. crumbie
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    waitaminute, hold the phone here!!

    you had a room at the BR??
  7. Crock_Harker
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  8. pantera
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    This is one hot Review!

    Makes me want to party with Tegan!!

    [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif]

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