My party with Barbie Bentley

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  1. :D Wow!!! What a girl and what an experience. Barbie was my second girl at the ranch. My first was Riley Black last Feb. 08 but now she is gone for some reason. I spent some time at the bar looking for one of the girls that I thought was hot during the lineup. You girls say each name too fast and I could not keep up with the names of the girls I thought I liked and most of you disappeared after the lineup. Finally, after a couple girls asked what I was looking for, they went back and found Barbie. My first thoughts were what a beautiful, outgoing, look you straight in the eye, care about you girl. We went back and talked. We agreed on a price and time after a little bit of concern on my part about being able to finish. My last experience was too short. It did not help that the portable fire place she had in the room was on and it was hot and I was sweating and had to take breaks. She started by some nice chit chat with both of us lying naked on the bed and me caressing her tight firm body and breasts. Soon she was between my legs looking up at me with those beautiful eyes and smiling as she put the condom on with her mouth. After some very good fellatio she climbed on top and very energetically rode me. I was thinking man, she really knows what she is doing and is very good at sex. When I would stop thrusting she would keep going. And what very stimulating dirty talk and moaning during the whole time. Next was missionary. What a pretty sight that was and she would reach around and grab my ass to pull me in with each thrust. Then she said lets do doggie that is my favorite. No problem here, so in about a half a second she was turned around and on her knees begging for me. It felt so good to be fondling her breasts, caressing her back and grabbing her around that firm skinny waist while we were doing it. When she reached under and started playing with my balls. That was enough to send me to a point that thinking about all the baseball in the world was not going to stop the climax. After I was pretty much through it still felt good to keep slowly going in and out of that tight little box and she was in no hurry to have me stop. I felt it was all about me. We had plenty of time after all that to have some more fun, clean up and talk. Thank you so much. 8)
  2. It sounds like you had an amazing party! Barbie is so fun, I'm glad you got a chance to meet her.
  3. Thanks for the review sweetie.. I am so happy that you enjoyed our time together! Hope to see you again soon :)
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    Sounds like a great time was had by all involved glad you both enjoyed yourselves
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    YEAH!!! =D> :lol: :)

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