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  1. I'm in such a writing mood right now, and honestly bored since it's a dead "day before a holiday" in the office, so here goes on a big ol' review of my recent trip to Love Ranch Vegas. With it now three weeks in my rear-view mirror, some I'll forget, while other stuff will stay with me forever.

    My nerves, in comparison to other trips to Nevada's brothels, were not all that bad on the day of my departure. I guess I had become a "calm and cool" brothel veteran! More than nervousness, I had great anticipation. Over the 2-3 weeks before my visit, which all came about very quickly and unexpectedly, I had been guided into the direction of Miss @Jennifer James , and we immediately seemed to have a real, not-faked connection that went beyond the pure physical (hard to decipher in brothel-world but I'm pretty sure on this one). Trying to get a read on her mannerisms and the like proved challenging, although a couple of "half-face" pictures and eventually, a private full-faced picture sent to me, proved to me that yes, Jennifer was extremely attractive. However, I still had those doubts racing through my head, "Will the attraction be there in person?" "What if the meeting is awkward?" "What if we feel like more than friends than lovers?". In the days prior to my trip, we texted and chatted pretty often, all things considered, and I was just loving the fact that this woman, an extremely beautiful woman at that, seemed just as excited to meet me as I was to meet her. "Jen" is really into the psychology of sex and the brothel life, and an interesting discussion about the potential of starting a weekly "podcast" on those topics, using my background as a person interested in the rather taboo fetish of crossdressing (and somebody with recording skills and equipment) and her background as a working girl, would be utilized. I was hesitant about the idea, but slowly came around to the thought of, "This would be fun, and with the right persona, I could be completely incognito to those in my public life!" I have to thank Madam @sonja for easing my questions about Jen and the connection I felt I was developing with her. When I would privately talk with Sonja, saying I was "leaning Jen's way, but wasn't 100% sure, she would constantly tell me how special Jen is, how nearly every man who meets her just thinks the world of her, and most importantly to me, how darn much Jen was looking forward herself to our party, and while it was my choice, don't live to regret passing on Jen!". Sonja, I don't think I would've ever passed on Jen, but you made doubly sure that I go with my gut feeling, so thank you doll, you were so so right on this one!

    As far as me and the Love Ranch Vegas brothel go, it's an interesting story! I was first introduced, in a serious "Hey I could actually DO THIS!" way to the Nevada brothels in late March 2017. The girl I first noticed and began to consider such a trip was fairly new, and was working at LRV. Now of course, as a crossdresser, I REALLY wanted to incorporate this into the party, and BINGO, I found a professional male-to-female makeup studio in Las Vegas that would do my face for 85 bucks. I could fly into Vegas, get a cab to this place, and get a ride to the Love Ranch! Everything was coming together! I called the makeup studio and set an appointment, and was in the process of getting my plane tickets, when the girl tells me, "don't get the tickets, I'm headed up-state to the Bunny Ranch!!!". My plans changed in the blink of an eye, and for months, the Love Ranch "South" was off my radar. I would occasionally watch the Livestreams, but nobody (with the exception of one girl over the winter months) really caught my eye to the level of making plans to party there, and, to be honest, my party interests remained "up north".

    Come mid-spring, my eyes began to give a second look to the Love Ranch South, as, for me, if I can "find the right girl to party with", it's so convenient! Flights into Vegas are direct and cheap, the transportation to the Ranch is easy, and there's a "makeover" place in Vegas I'd feel comfortable in getting dolled up at! Now, I don't remember exactly what stoked my interests, but for a few weeks after an April trip to Mound House, I made mental plans to travel to Love Ranch Vegas, to at least "check it out" in the fall (probably Thanksgiving or so). I had a July trip planned back to Mound House to complete an 'unfinished party' with a crush up there, and I really didn't want to jeopardize my party plans there by heading to Vegas, but, with the idea of "how much I could spend" in my mind and a quick two-day trip in-and-out of Vegas and the Love Ranch, I figured I could swing it! The connection of me deciding to make the trip in the late spring and Jen becoming the one I wanted to party with seemed to happen simultaneously. One didn't mean the other happened, but more of a "it was meant to be" feeling.

    The 90 mile drive to the airport was uneventful (thank god LOL) and I really don't remember either the wait at the airport or the flight itself. I was excited to see the skyline of Las Vegas for the first time in person, and seeing that on the way down was fun! I waited quite a long time for my heavy-ass suitcase to get back to me (I pack like a girl LOL), and got picked up and taken to the Love Ranch!

    So it is 5 PM in Vegas, and the main interstate through town (I-15 I believe?) is clogged up bad, like rush-hour, if you are moving it's good, because you'll be stopped most of the time bad. Meanwhile, I'm getting occasional texts from out west wondering arrival times at the ranch. She was excited, I was excited, and my patience meter was going to have to be utilized for the next 90 miles!

    On the northwest side of Vegas, traffic finally loosened, and I had the driver find the nearest store "with flowers". I quickly found red roses, got myself a Mountain Dew (I was way way thirsty) and we high-tailed it west through the desert. The drive was beautiful and interesting, so many little mountain bluffs and small rural communities built into the land, lots of military presence along the route to. I had Google-Map seen the route many times on my computer, so I knew the general route to the ranch (turn south, turn west, turn south again, boom you're there).

    As we arrived, I went around to the back of my car and grabbed my suitcase, heavy as ever, at least it had rollers! The last thing I needed to grab, buried under the radio in the car, was a Hershey's chocolate bar I had been holding (and trying to not melt in the summer heat!) since the morning, it was to be a gift to Jennifer (my chocolate and roses gift, can't lose right?) I grabbed the chocolate bar, and OMG, it's still in the wrapper obviously, but it's COMPLETE MELTED GOO! Damn the Nevada desert heat! My first thought was, "I hope this isn't a sign of things to come!"

    Even walking up the sidewalk to the brothel, I wasn't overly nervous. I think I was trying to be "Mr. Joe Cool" and not come across as obnoxious or flaky or anything un-becoming. But I didn't know what to expect when I opened the door, but I do remember thinking, "I'll have to ask for Jennifer, so just remember to do that, meet the house mom, and ask politely for Jennifer!!!!!" Somehow I was picturing Jen waiting to get the message in her room, "Jessie is here!" and she'd make a grand arrival down the hallway, and we'd hug, share a kiss, and say Hello. Instead, BAM, I opened the door and, for whatever reason, my mind hadn't processed the possibility (or even probability, duh! lol) that the first person I'd see would be Jen herself. In retrospect, I should have, but oh well, no biggie, I think I reacted quickly to seeing such a beautiful woman in my first sight of the inside of the Love Ranch.

    Now, the room itself is really nice, with a fireplace, a pool table, and multiple chairs and couches. A great place to hang out!

    This is the part that is always most challenging for me to express in words. When you like somebody, and not just a "hey, you're cool, wanna hang out" like, and like them before you officially meet, the first meeting is just a ummmmmmm......a unique experience (you only get one FIRST meeting!). But I've been there before. Thirteen years ago, I had tried online dating in an attempt to rev up my love life. It was long-distance and we lived seven hours apart. Our first initial meeting, I reacted in a way that was a turn-off to her. She was attractive yes, but just completely different from what I imagined. I'm not sure what my facial reaction was, but it was a combination of surprise at what she actually looked like with "am I attracted to this girl in that way?", despite our efforts to "put it in the past", it remained a topic of conversation until our eventual break-up. Since that time, I've been very mindful of "SMILE, SAY HI, BE EXCITED" when I meet a date/potential GF or in this case, a courtesan.

    So you are wondering, what was my lil' ol mind thinking when I first met Jen? The honest to God first thought I had, opening the door and seeing this gorgeous redhead/brunette combo smiling at me, and approaching me, is......."Is this Jennifer? (again I'm thinking the first person I'd meet is probably Sonja!) or just an overly excited person to see me?". Now I'm 90% sure it's Jennifer, but I hadn't seen her, in person, on video or the like, and it's always different in-person, so I very softly ask "Jennifer?", and with the sweetest smile I've ever seen, I hear in response "mmmmm hmmmm", and she lays the softest sweetest kiss I've ever received on my lips. Here's some of the things, with a strong feminine side, I notice. Her make-up was beautiful! Her manicure (fire red) was sexy as hell! Her hair was curled in just the right way to turn me on, and that dress, OMG that dress! I had brought one just like it! The way it fit her curves was divine, and make no mistake, Jennifer's curves are her best feature, she literally turns your head just by walking down the hallway. The dress had a slit going down her left thigh, and I was completely awe-struck! The kiss was unexpected but really good! And the best part was, there wasn't a hint of awkwardness there! There was mutual attraction and a connection and I literally couldn't wait to get this night started, there was a feeling of not "I'm going to get to have sex with this gorgeous woman, but instead, 'I get to spend time with this woman and get to know her, and then, Lord willing, we'll be able to show each other how happy we are to have met". That was my mindset, I can't speak for hers ;)

    As this is getting long, I'm going to skip over much of the details of the party, but I will say thank you to Quinn, who was so sweet and interesting to talk to, and, after back-and-forth pre-visit negotiating, became my 'make-over' artist. The bathroom sink in my room became Make-Up Central, as we went with a "Jennifer Aniston 90s friends" look for that night's party.

    As far as the party details go, the negotiation will remain private, as will the vast majority of the specifics. My appetite on that night wasn't huge, but I do love shrimp (really all seafood), and our pre-party dinner was pasta and shrimp, really really tasty!

    This won't be the first time I just say, on that night, my life changed, so much for the better. Jen knows what she is doing in a party setting, with any type of client, and I'm sure with me as a guy, but dressed as a girl, it's a different challenge, but she was absolutely superb! Emotionally, it was very, very hard not to fall for her. To me, that's the last place I wanted to be, because if you are "there" leaving the ranch, you will be absolutely miserable for weeks on end missing her, plus there's the literally 0.00001% percent chance an actual relationship would develop with a working girl, so it's not worth the effort to get your hopes up if it's a near certainty they'll be dashed. Madam Sonja warned me (a good type of warning LOL) that Jen's clients are consistently "enamored" with her) and that's a good way to put it. You can't really, IMO, fall for somebody at that level in one night of lovemaking, but you can have a big crush, and I was experiencing a big one! Obviously, the sexual aspect makes it different than "most" first dates, but I can say without any hesitancy that in a normal "dating relationship" type of system that generally went well, I would be head-over-heels in very quick fashion She is just as fun to hang out with and talk to as get freaky in the sheets with, a true treasure!

    I arrived at the ranch at 6:30 on a Monday night, and left the morning after Dennis' huge election victory, on that Wednesday morning at 6. Tuesday was a long day, but one of the "Jen treats" negotiated the night before was that there would be two nights of partying with her, sometimes unexpectedly, so the hopes of hearing "wanna play?" were a constant banging through my head throughout that day. We did "play" that night, got a little bit 'fetishy', but it was more just straight "lovers having fun" as much as anything else. The last memory I have of that particular time was us, two souls, after sharing such a beautiful time together, just snuggling with each other, talking about whatever was on our mind. I almost get emotional remembering it, it was without question the most intimate moments I've ever had with another person on this planet.

    I've shared the long overnight on another thread floating around here, so I'll finish briefly. I was tired, but didn't want to go to bed. Who would with so many gorgeous women running around the place? You know how it goes, you go to bed, you wake up, and it's 6 AM and time to go! Plus, Dennis was returning with his election team at midnight, and I really wanted to be a fly on the wall and witness some Nevada political history with a front-row seat. The midnight to 3 AM time-frame wasn't too bad, things were busy at the bar and busy outside with the Hof party. I got a free book signed by Daddy D himself! THANK YOU DENNIS!

    The 3 AM to 6 AM time-frame really was torture. It became clear to me that sleeping would be self-defeating, as I'd be more tired getting up than staying up. In retrospect, I should've jumped in the pool or worked out or done something to work off my sad energy, but I roamed the hallways like a zombie, or just hung around the bar. Sometime in the overnight, about 3 I'm guessing, I had packed my suitcase and brought it up front into the corner of the bar. Leaving my awesome room for the last time was hard, so many great memories in there!

    I slept most of the way from Pahrump to Las Vegas on the trip back. I got to the airport and the power was out. THIS ISN'T GOOD! Fortunately, the check-in had some back-up power, but the boarding passes and carrying of suitcases had to be done by hand. In retrospect, the staff did a great job! In the gates, I actually got "Vegas-y" and pulled some handles, and won absolutely nothing, and before I knew it, I was headed home!

    In the days after my visit, I was sad and missing the brothel life, and of course, Jen, but, in all honestly, I had "been there before". Going from that atmosphere to everyday life is a big swing downward. I got to the end of the week, and I suddenly had this, "I have to do something really really nice for Jennifer" moment. Being the hopeless romantic I am (LOL) my idea was, "I'll send Jen her favorite, chocolate and flowers, and have them arrive on Monday night at 6:30, the same time we met one week earlier".

    I call florist #1, they won't deliver so far outside of Pahrump. Argh, and now it's past closing time on Friday. I contact 1-800-Flowers and they'll deliver, but not on Monday, so much for my 'one week later' plan! :( I went with a thank you bouquet of flowers, but I was torn between choco-covered strawberries and an adorable teddy bear. I knew Jen loved chocolate, but, selfishly, I really wanted to add something "from me" to her room, so the bear it was!

    They were to be delivered Tuesday, and of course, you can be notified online when they are delivered. So I'm working and constantly checking updates. It went from San Diego the night before, to Vegas in the morning, with a promise that they would be delivered "by the end of the business day". I knew Love Ranch was way out in the middle of nowhere, so it would probably be at the end of the delivery run, but I still waited to get any sort of "on-line/message board" reaction.

    At 6:25 by time (4:25 in Nevada), I broke my secret plan and admitted to sending a thank you bouquet and bear, that I expected to arrive soon! The message board message was sent at 6:29, within 30 seconds, I get a message back from Sonja telling me that the moment she saw the message come through, the front door opened with the delivery, and the girls were all "happy as chirping whales" and Jen was "doing a happy dance". It is absolutely amazing just envisioning that moment in the Nevada desert, and her reaction, from 1700 miles away, fills my heart with joy! I wish I could've seen the reaction in person! :)

    I am so glad I made this trip to the Love Ranch! No names, but a couple of the girls that I had seen on Livestream, and didn't feel a connection to, and I met in-person, WOAH, the connection kicks in fast! When the clients tell you that seeing the girls on live-stream helps to see them act and interact and gives you an idea, that's true, but when they say you can't appreciate how beautiful they are until they're right in front of you? 100% percent on every single girl in the brothel! It's a wonderful place that I won't soon forget! The whole group of working girls are absolutely breathtaking, and there is so much variety with "Sonja's girls" there is sure to be one just right for you!

    Will this be the last time I see Jen? You never know for sure, but highly doubtful! I just started a "laid over" account with the Love Ranch, knowing that saving money in that will be a great way to add things up, and have it be there for travels later on! I miss you sweet woman, thank you for being a great lover and an even better person! I'm already conjuring up ideas to make 'next time' even more memorable!
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    Wow!!! What an awesome journey and experience!!! You are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  3. Thanks Cumisha, it was a journey that was a last minute decision but was very worth it! Fulfilling all the way around! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Awe - Sometimes we have to go for it and it makes life more interesting and a journey of lifetime of memories!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  6. Agree, going to have another 'go for it' moment this weekend, hope it works out well by the time the trip is over!
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