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  1. Sweet or seductive, playful or commanding, I can embody all your fantasies. I listen intently and read your energy, so I can tailor our time to what you are seeking. We all want connection and acceptance. What do you desire?

    I do what I love, and I love what I do. I can’t wait to do you. My offerings are genuine and authentic, positive and fun. Let’s discover what interests we have in common. My interests are many and varied; I rarely get bored!

    Running and lifting weights weekdays keeps me fit, and I also cycle, hike, ski, swim, surf and practice yoga. Nutrition is important to me; I eat a whole-food diet that is mostly plant-based. My two teacup Schnauzers own my heart, as do my many tattoos and my 1975 Nova SS. Let’s go for a drive in my Nova! I love new adventures, everything from dining out to sports to travel to books to music and theater. I’m well-traveled and well-read. Conversations with me will spark insights in both our minds.

    I’m intelligent, emotionally intuitive to your wishes, and fully present.

    I am: Athlete. Artist. Business Owner. Cannabis Queen. Foodie. Goddess. Healer. Life Coach. Model & Actor. Nutritionist. Pansexual kinkster. Photographer & Videographer. Producer & Director. Psychic. Reiki Practitioner. Shamanatrix. Somatic Practitioner. Trainer. Yogi.

    With over a decade of experience, I am an accomplished professional with diverse offerings: massage, Reiki, somatic therapy, sadomasochism, lifestyle coaching, and psychic empathy. I also dabble in fitness training, yoga instruction, plant-based nutrition, shamanism and tarot. As a former medical professional, I understand the human body and its responses. My approach is holistic.
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    Wow! I love your "about me"! :)
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