Mr. Dennis Hof and Ms. Madam Suzette, I have few questions.

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by JerryVestal, Jul 23, 2006.

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    Dear Mr. Dennis Hof and Ms. Madam Suzette,
    How are you both and all of the bunny women doing today? My name is Jerry Vestal and I am from Youngstown, Ohio. I have a few questions that I hope you could answer for me. I saw on HBO Demand your place on Cathouse 3&4. I was wondering how much an hour of sex session would be with one of the lovely women down there? My second question is, how far away are you from Las Vegas, since I'll will be visiting some relatives and hoping to relax down there come this next Spring? I am looking forwaard for a time of good long (hopeful passionate) sex with one of the ladies down there, since I have not had any sexual relations with a woman in over eight yars from now, due to my past girlfriends requesting I should not have sex with them, when they we cheating on me in the past. I tried entering the swingers scene too in the past year after my last break-up and still nothing. I mostly interested in east indian and middle eastern women, but I'll like also blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Also are the paying ratees for the pornstars more expensive per hour than the other bunny women at the ranch? If so how much? If you could help me I would appreciate it. Also if possible can you email me this same response, if it is not too much trouble? If it is , sorry, then, I'll just check on the board, thank you! I hope you all have a good week, take care, Mr. Dennis Hof, Ms. Madam Suzette, and all the Bunny Ladies, bye!
    Sincerely, and hoping to visit you all soon next Spring,
    Jerry Vestal
    Youngstown, Ohio
    [email protected]

    In re price, the girls will work with your budget.

    I would naver compare my precious Bunny's with a car but guys understand this one.

    Call the Mercedes dealer or any dealer, I like M-B.

    Say this, what does a M-B cost, Heres's what you get.
    2 door
    4 door
    V-8 supercharged
    All wheel drive

    The questions are endless to get a price. the girls need to know your needs and fantasies.

    How long?
    10 minutes, your in a hurry
    10 hours
    10 days, and many have stayed longer
    Number of Bunnies, bet you can't just eat one.
    Anal, Oral, ot both.
    Striaght sex

    It goes on for ever.

    Here's the bottom line

    The Bunnies want you be a regular client and get to know you, every time your with her it will get better.


    We have been here for 51 years and served or serviced millions of happy clients.

    Cum play in a Bunny
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    JerryVestal Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice and answer, Mr. Hof!

    Dear Mr. Dennis Hof, thank you very much for your advice and answer to my few questions, I do appreciate it. If all goes well, I hope to meet you all next year's Spring. You and everyone else at the Bunny Ranch take care, bye!
    Jerry Vestal
  4. jerry in the spring

    looking to meet you in the spring Jerry, we would love to buy you a cocktail.
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    Thank you Madam Suzette!

    Dear Madam Suzette, thank you very much, I am looking forward to meeting you, Mr. Denis Hof, and all of the lovely ladies at the Bunny Ranch next Spring. I hope you all take care, bye! :wink:
    Jerry Vestal
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    Dear Mr. Dennis Hof and Ms. Maddam Suzette......

    Dear Mr. Dennis Hof and Ms. Madam Suzette, I am sorry to inform you all that my visit to the Bunny Ranch next Spring will more than likely be postponed until maybe that later Fall of 2007, due to my financial needs of saving up for a new car, since the one I am driving is close to being replaced, since it is a Buick '89 Regal Limited, after I handle a few financial troubles. But I going to come next year to the Bunny Ranch to visit you all definitely, okay? Sorry. :( When I do arrive I'll buy you, Mr. Dennis Hof, Madam Suzette, and whomever lady or ladies I choose to be with that day or night, a drink or two, okay? Well, until then, I hope you, Mr. Dennis Hof, Madam Suzette and all of the lovely ladies at the Bunny Ranch good health, safety, and happiness, take care, later! :D
    Jerry Vestal
    Youngstown, Ohio

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