Male Bunnies

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  1. Seriously how come there are no male bunnies, wouldn't there be a market for them?
  2. There are no guys who can "fake" an erection...
    Seriously, after so many times, they just couldn't physically do it!!!! As for us, we are better than the Energizer Bunny. We keep cumming, and cumming, and cumming...
  3. Becca is so right! and theother thing is that the state of NV would flip out, its ok for girls and guys NO FUCKING WAY! its stupid but fact. The conservatives would only think of the gay. Keep in mind I think it was four years ago that sodomy was illegal in NV.

    I probably should doante my time to help horny girls out for free as a good will jesture from the Bunnyranch, girls what do you think? Guys want to be my asst?
  4. Hey, I can't "free-fuck", neither can you. Girls, send all payment to the Bunny Ranch, in care of Becca Brat
  5. I would love to donate my time and tool for a good cause!
  6. Michael
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    I will have some time on my hands, :D :D :D :D :D !!!!!
  7. 8) I always thought that the Male Bunny was also known as a customer. Maybe it should be like the Secret Service and the Male Bunny/Customer could wear a secret bunny pin. Then when you run into each other, there would be an all knowing smile. It could be bigger than Coke with all the Fuk'in Smiles out there.....

    As for working Male Bunny's, you know the difference would be the length of shifts worked. They might be pretty short. You know when a man has to do a womans job he just turns into a bitch anyway. (I'm so sore, My tongue is numb, Nobody cares what I think, Does this make my ass look big?) And who would train them? Would they listen? How would you stop the dirty hustling in line up? I am curious what their Working Names would be. Would there be female Runners? Hairy Nipples in the parlor? Running to see the doctor? This could make anyone crazy.....

    So many Beautiful Women,
    spend your time wisely.....

    8) Stuart
  8. will somebody PLEASE loan this amish girl their massive tool? Dennis may I please shop in your HARDware store??!! hehehe
  9. With all the money females spend on male dancers I just think it would be a wise money making decision. So it's ok for the ladies but not the guys. Well there are male porn stars no? These guys preform for a living. What if you featured them here like you do the females like Sunset Thomas? Nevada politicans most likely don't like the idea their wives might come in to be serviced!
  10. hey i have an idea :idea: you guys cum in. :twisted: give us all your money then we will put you to work
  11. hey i have an idea :idea: you guys cum in. :twisted: give us all your money then we will put you to work

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