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  1. I was just wondering if you have a resident makeup artist/hairstylist for the girls to go to before they start work? I think that most of the girls look amazing pretty much all the time. However, I have to say that there has been a few times that I have wanted to go through the TV screen and wanted to fix a bunny's hair and a few times have I wanted to take some eye makeup remover and taken off a bunny's baby blue eye shadow and redo their makeup! :? I truly am not trying to disrespect any of the bunny's they are all pretty girls...but it's just the beauty artist in me.

    PS Madam Suzette....You seem to be able to handle all the girls in a very sweet and loving nature and I am sure that is why the bunny's love to work so hard for you and DH.

  2. Dear Tuscany,
    sometimes a make up person comes in when we film. but not all the time. and sometimes, I ask some of the girls to chisel some of the blue eye shadow off and sometimes I dont'. We do have to film what is real and this is what is real. On some of the shots I am in I say to myself, EEEKKKK!!!!!!!! I should have used more make up or less or whatever. On the first one that came out I sat down and litterally cried. but I think, whatever now. I have been filmed so many times, sometimes, they get me in a good shot and sometimes not. I cannot let it get to me anymore. thank you for watching and liking our show.

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