Labor Day BBQ

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  1. Dear Mr. Hof and Madame Suzzette,

    I have talked to Miss Logan Landry several times about trying to put together a

    charity BBQ event to held at one of the ranches. I haven't heard back from Miss Landry,

    but I am not surprised.I know how busy She gets.

    I would be willing to drive down to Carson City with my Trailer Rig and donate the meat,

    beans,coleslaw,and my time. All the proceeds would go to the local humane society that

    Miss Landry

    favors. I have two pits on my rig which alllow to cook 30 slabs of baby ribs at a time

    so I could feed up to120 people with a split service. If we wanted to feed everyone at

    once,I could smoke enough pork butt to make pulled pork sandwiches for up to 200.

    Miss Landry said that She and some of the other Bunnies She knows could make

    desserts. I think that having a BBQ Party would be a great to end the summer,please let

    me know you think.


    Uncle D.
  2. dgreen31979
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    dgreen31979 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a great idea to me. Especially with the proceeds going to a charity.
  3. my tummy is rumbling and my mouth is watering just thinking about some gooood pulled-pork!
  4. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    heyCool idea I would be there.

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