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  1. Before my first visit to the Love Ranch Vegas - I was connecting on the message boards name Kitti Minx. She and I shared common interests of Geekdom, Cosplay, and various other nerdtastic items.

    When I finally got to the LRV, she was at the door wearing her "Lollipop Chainsaw" outfit (Google it if you don't know who that is). She looked very sexy in it.

    Since gLip and I had just arrived - we got freshened up and all got together in the bar for some impromptu Karaoke and some drinks. Although Kitti and I had already talked about a party that weekend, I was just too exhausted from the trip to party that evening - so we decided to party the next night. Instead - the girls, gLip and myself participated in the first ever LRV movie night and watched "Sucker Punch". Excellent movie - especially with a girl like Kitti snuggled up next to you.

    Cut to the next evening. Kitti and I share a love of lots of various horror/sci fi items, so we convinced everyone that we would do "Live" shadowcast while watching Rocky Horror Picture Show for that evenings movie night. Kitti already had her gold lame' bikini and dressed as Rocky - while we taught some of the other newbies how to say the appropriate things and yell them at the screen at the proper times. EVERYONE got up to do the "Time Warp" - in short it was a great time.

    After the movie was over, we went back to Kitti's room and we agreed to have fun having some alone time in her bed watching "Repo! The genetic Opera" - I had never seen it - but she introduced me to it and I was enthralled by it. I must say that even though I was watching the movie it was difficult to concentrate with such a beautiful woman laying next to me.

    In short, for those of you looking to party with someone who stimulates mind AND body - look no further than Kitti Minx!

  2. You are an absolute blast, my good sir. It was so awesome to have you guys around and to finally meet you and hang out, especially! By all means, do come back. I have a big movie collection. ;)
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    why the hell was i not invited to this? This sounds freaking epic. Repo is epic. Kitti is epic. its all epic! <3
  4. One day I'd love to get all the geeky people together for our own giant party of awesome.
  5. Ok sorry about writeing this review late but I been trying to get used to the message board ... Kittimix is easy on the eye, and very nice to talk to after my wife and I partied with Miami and kitti, we went back to the bar and sat and drank and talked for a while and my wife looked and me and kitti and said go play so we went back to the vip room and partied some more but I am not going to kiss and tell but this women is very nice and very smart and fun..
  6. Awwww! Thank you! And better late than never! :) The change in boards and such alone can throw someone off especially one not super tech or internet savvy to begin with. You guys were an absolute blast!
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    It sounds like you two had a wonderful time, kudos!! All of the activities written by FG sound really cool! Y'all have great taste in movies and cosplay.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  8. Since this has kind of become a "Reviews Master Post" for me - ( FG - think you can alter the OP to establish that? Rather than me now make a separate post?) I'll put in my first review I ever got back from November in this thread (originally in this separate post) -

    It was really nice of him to set up an account on here to leave that review for me. I told him about our forums and how Reviews help but also are a great way to connect with all the ladies at different houses. So I'm hoping he's made some good connections since and is partying it up after having me pop his Hof House cherry :p
  9. Hi Y'All! [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
    First post here, but my party with Kitti Minx was so awesome I had to write about it and let everyone know! It's long, but it's worth reading just to let you know how awesome Kitti really is :)

    I made an appointment with Kitti. Driving from Vegas, it was a quiet drive...enough to make me think about all the things I wanted to do with her. :D When I came to the ranch, I rang in and the cashier (Cherish?) greeted me at the front, saying Kitti would be right there. "Yay," I thought...I could hardly contain my excitement. I came in a little bit late, but luckily Kitti just happened to be the coolest person ever and didn't mind.

    If I was asked to describe Kitti in two words, it would be "totally freaking awesome." I know that's NOT two words, and that's how awesome she is. You'll always need more words to describe her :)

    She is 100% super cool. She came out in a pretty awesome outfit, this blue dress and these cute shoes that straddled the line between super cute (kawaii!) and super hot. I mean, when I met her, I was gushing like a schoolboy. Meeting her was like meeting Madonna and finding out she's actually just as cool as your best friend next door. Kitti definitely could be that girl next door, but she brings a wild array of intelligence, knowledge, and enthusiasm coupled with her fine taste in dress. Oh, and of course, she's super hot. Slender, soft skin, tall hourglass figure, beautiful lady. I shouldn't be surprised, she's a model and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader after all.

    After the tour of the surprisingly big facilities they have at the Love Ranch (they have a pool table and a Wii, what else do you need? LOL), we went for drinks at the bar. We talked for a good long while. She's incredibly conversational. We talked about things she likes, which happen to be things I like: anime, games, computer programming, brothels, Star Trek (I hardly have met anyone who's seen every series and movie like's always nice to talk crap about Enterprise with someone in the know hehe), wow, I've hardly met anyone so knowledgeable about geek things, or really, anything in general.

    Kitti's like a burning wildfire: the more energy I put into her, whether in conversation or otherwise, the brighter she'll burn. She's also supremely accommodating. She offered me a ton of "guy" shower stuff, and I couldn't help but think, damn a bubble bath would be fun with her [smilie=happy.gif]

    And if we talk about the party itself...her personality shines here as well. On "top" (hehe) of all the sexy things we did (and wow is she sexy)... We watched anime, too...just imagine, don't you think there's nothing quite so sexy as a tender moment while watching a cartoon called Death Note. LOLOL But she's wonderful, and a sight to behold naked (for example, her tats are too cool), and more than that she did everything I asked for, and she's super cute on top of being super cool and super canny [​IMG]

    Kitti is exactly who she represents herself to be. She's witty, full of ribaldry, and yet superbly sexy. She's freaking funny, too. Our party was equal parts laughter and "other" sounds;);) Being with her is like being in an episode of Futurama...she makes me feel like I'm a normal guy in an extraordinary world, and that in itself makes one feel extraordinary.

    I find it lucky that the Love Ranch South isn't so far away...hope to make it back in soon, especially when KM is in [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  10. I'm so glad you had a fun time! I do my best to make each party as unique and memorable as possible (even if the person is a repeat *winkwinknudgenugeBODYSLAMDOYOUGETHTEIMPLICATIONDOYOUpokepoke*). Though I will say anime in the background will be my litmus test if someone is worth partying with or if I want to cut them a good deal or not. :p If you can vibe with me with Death Note in the background you can chill for sure. Or Attack on Titan. Or FullMetal Alchemist. Or Kill la Kill. Or Gurren Lagann...

    ... Okay I'll stop being a nerd and go back to my corner. Please come back out soon! We carry only the best Red Bulls ;)
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    You two really seem to have some wonderful chemistry!! Very awesome review, Freaky! <3
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  12. Such a wonderful reviews! Kitti seems like the kind of lady that stimulates your mind before your body and there really is no better combination then that! May you two share many more amazing times together!
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    Kitti & Highdrive watching Death Note? Haha I've been guilty of turning anime on in a party a time or two. DN is easily my favorite anime, the structure for the plot line is something I could go on for hours about. So much good character development omfg. Kitti, if you ever find yourself in northern NV come chill so we can weeb out on DN. <3
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  14. Can I cosplay as Light

    Can I take a potato chip AND EAT IT
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  15. LOL
    glad to be one of 5 people on here who get this reference

    roxanne, don't leave me out of the DN party :( lol
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    dibs on being misa! I so want in on that party :p

  17. This would be the best party ever.
  18. I just got a lovely review from a fabulous client from a party during this trip:

    The post with the full review can be seen HERE.

    Thank you so much highdrive for taking the time to write this up! You're awesome!
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    Wow, Freaky sounds like a great time. As someone who remembers when Rocky Horror debuted back in 1973, I would have loved to have been part of an evening like that at LRV. The memory of my older sister and her friends doing the Time Warp (they were 15 at the time) is something I immediately think of whenever I watch that show.
  20. Lovely review from one of my favorites who just came to see me! (check out his post and show him some love, I'm just adding this for archive-type purposes).

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  21. Some reviews are coming in already from my November 2016 tour parties! (You can find their separate threads under Real Life Ranch Reports as well)

    From a client on Saturday who submitted through a private review form on my sites //

    From a fantastic overnight I just had on Sunday. :) We both had a blast:

    Thank you everyone who has left reviews so far! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif];)[smilie=i love you1.gif]The Kiti Minx Experience is real and a ton of fun! Definitely try to get yours before November 30th!

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