jessica marie is amazing.

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  1. I had an awsome time with jessica and nikki. First i had a party with jessica and nikki and i was really nervous. They quickly took charge and showed me one the best times of my life. I'm not very good at writing posts but i can say that they were easy to negotiate with and lots of fun to be around. I couldnt imagine choosing anyone else in the ranch and having that much fun. That was my first threesome and it was great, however i did not have enough of jessica. I took a break and partied one on one with jessica. I think round 2 was even better because it was more personal. Too bad i couldnt keep her for myself hehe. Nikki and jessica thank you for such a fun time.

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    I had a wonderful time with you and the whip cream !!! Thanks for the review and I hope to see you very very soon!!

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    Looking forward to meeting Jessica in 2008 probably summertime
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    Look forward to meeting you as well.

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