i want to be a bunny

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  1. i want to know if i have potential to be a bunny...i dont think im very pretty so i doubt that anyone would want to hire me but feel free to give me your opinion
  2. Its not all about your exterior.. its about your attitude, your personality and if you are driven to succeed !
  3. you look pretty hot to me :)
  4. i know its about whats on the inside but if your not happy with your outside how can you be confident on the outside
  5. Someone is into pretty much any kind of girl no matter who.

    Me for example I like bigger girls. :)
  6. hell yeah!
  7. I second this!
  8. if i was a girl i would wanna be a bunny, buy i geuss most girls would !!!

  9. beauty

    I think your very pretty. Beauty is something that comes from learning to love yourself. As time goes on you learn to feel comfortable in your own skin. Confidence and self love are the things truly beautiful in all women. Take care of you :D :D :D :D
  10. Hey dani_girl.

    First of all, you do look absolutely adorable. But I also know that me saying so wont make a difference if you dont feel it on the inside.

    Like the people already pointed out, working as a bunny (at the ranch or somewhere else) in the end has very little to do with a certain kind of look. Since everyone has a different opinion about what is beautiful, and at the end of the day nobody is going to spend their hard earned cash on a rude and unpleasant girl, no matter if she looks like a godess.

    As long as you take care of yourself and stay fresh, clean and with a positive attitude you will be highly desirable.

    Bunnywork can also really boost your self-esteem. Once you get good at reading the signals of the guys you meet and getting a fingertip feel of what really makes a man feel good (trust me, it takes a lot more than just big boobs to make him relax and feel like a king) you'll find new confidence in these abilities. It's all about learning to listen, both mentally and physically.

    And you'll be rewarded aswell because it'll make you feel good to make someone else feel good. Thats part of the reason why this is the most kickass job. (Plus the sex, the money and the most wonderful co-workers in the world.)

    I think women generally have low self-esteem because they have fallen for the myth of ''what men want''. Which is actually just what the media wants us all to believe and it's not the real truth.

    The truth is, all men want different things and all men find different things beautiful or desirable. If you have a big heart and take care of your body you will make it as a bunny, and you'll start to appreciate the parts of yourself that really matter.

    Take care doll.

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