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  1. I'm out in RENO for hot august night's . well i couldnt find the stripe where the girls are at. i got fed up and ask a cab driver and he told me to get in , he also told me that the police is out looking for people like me i was like HOLLY S.H.I.T. am i going to get some this week or what. he told me where to go but said that there doing a sting right now and to be safe from all the bull s.h.i.t i could get some good pussy from the bunny ranch. the same one thats on T.V. ! so i said lets go !
    25 to 30 mins later.
    he took me to the bunny ranch 2 which is the best one he said . it didnt matter to me i was get some and when i was towing my mustang up there to show it off thats all i could think about. i got out and walked up to a red building that had a big ass red sign flashing out to me. i hit the door bell and they buzz me in.

    Now i never had the most HARDEST time in my life before, IT was alot of sexy women there in front of me and waiting for me to say LET"S GO ! so i pick this girl name'd ( KE'LEI LEI ) with these big ass TITS. I felt like i was in heaven once she showed me the V.I.P room . but then she took me to her room and we talked price's and i hate to say i didnt have e-nuff money on me for the V.I.P room but WOW her HAWAIIAN SEX made up for that , after she gave me her card with her number on it and told me to call her and i can cum up next time or i could look on bunnyranch.com and find her and CHAT. i said stay on E-NET. I never been with a HAWAIIAN girl before. white yea,black yea that to.

    Well here i am i made it to this board and thank GOD it's legal..so i came out good.
    So if you dont want to get locked up for looking , go get some profession style PUSSY . even the beer is cheaper to.
  2. sorry it took so long hunny but thank you i had a really great time with you and don't worry the vip room isn't going no where lol k.i.t baby

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