how much does bunnys make

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  1. how much do do bunnys make?
  2. Thats a question only our CPA's know.... but it all comes down to you... like they say the sky is the limit!!!
  3. You must make a lot then. lol.
    Hi Jenny, how are you?
  4. CPA? I don't think I follow. lol You are very pretty by the way.
  5. CPA: Certified Public Accountant
  6. I see, thanks for clearing that up. :) I hope i get a call or email soon. Im excited to know all the details.
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    Hey theres an idea go to cpa school and become the bunnies accountant
  8. C.P.A School [smilie=to funny.gif] That's a good one :roll: :roll: :roll:

    The Ol' Chili Cook
  9. I am not to good with numbers, but maybe all you fine Lady's need work done on your cars or home... I am good with my hands ;) and can work hard for long periods of time.

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