Happy Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Its always a fun time at the Bunnyranch, cumm play with the Bunnies and have dinner with us.

    Keep in mind, if the pilgrims would have shot a Bobcat, we would all be eating pussy for Thanksgiving.

    Jackie The joke man that used to be with Howard Stern, shared that with me while in NYC.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Dennis, Suzette, Kris, bunnys, and staff. Hope you all have a great holiday at the MLBR wish I could be there to spend it with you.
  3. :D Happy Thanksgiving, Dennis, Madam Suzette, Bunnies and Staff! I hope you all have a nice holiday! I wish I could be there, but, I will be there next November :D
  4. Michael
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    Happy Thanksgiving Team BunnyRanch.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at the ranch. See you all in just over a month.


    T minus 32 days
  6. Happy thanksgiving all at the bunny ranch :D
  7. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Special thanks to the one and only Big D and Madam Suzette for making the Bunnyranch a place where the our sexual natures can flourish!
  8. Dennis,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the Bunny Babes, Madam Suzette, and all the others that work to make the Bunny Ranch the best Place on Earth!

    Thanks for all you do,

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Madam Suzette & Dennis!
  10. Happy thanks giving to every one!!! Hope every one has lots and lots of good turkeys!
  11. Happy thanks giving team Bunny Ranch from up north.
  12. happy thanksgiving!

    but dont be thankful only on the thanksgiving day..be thankful all year long!
  13. kevinz0071
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all the staff and Bunnies, Dennis and Suzette. I have to say I'm very thankful for a place like the mlbr gives us guys a chance to be ourselves. Dennis you the man for keeping it open and flourishing can't wait to see the finished product in March. Also have to again mention my favorite bunny Audrey. Very thankful and lucky to know her 102 days to go.
  14. Spanks for a great Thanksgiving, Daddy!!! :D

    I had HO much fun yesterday!! I can't think of any other place I'd rather be for the holidays than with my BunnyRanch Family!!

    *MUAH* :wink:

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