God among men.

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  1. Dennis you are a god among men. (and alot of goddeses suround you). you can only be compared to Heff. You are changing the world around you and the prosonna (spell check that) of the buisness your in. For that I give madd props and all of my Respect. You and HBO have shown not only the world these Ladies live. But have also shown that they are great human beings. I call them Ladies because that is what they are. They have shown many people that, that is what they are. And they owe that all to you and HBO. I am glad that I got to see the show and I feel I have grown to know you all a little bit. You are a stud! for all of this and much more.
  2. Thanks it was my goal to do what I told Larry Flynt 14 years ago.

    "The Bunnyranch is the right thing to do, I am going to use the media to put the Ranch in the face of America and make them like me and the Biz, I am going to single handed change the stigma of these wonderfull girls."

    Letters like this give me the strengh to carry on the fight, THANK YOU.
  3. yes, daddy

    we are in a sexual revolution again....people don't talk about it like we all do..... but you and i know that it's happening....

    all you have to do is watch and listen. You embrace the media and offer people an alternative....one that is so much less taboo than ever before. Good job, daddy! Education is power....you have empowered me and so many others!!!! Thanx, daddy!

    Another facet is bisexuality which is accepted like never before....so many couples come to play and i get tons of emails from couples that want to play or have questions about playing at br 1 or 2

    congrats honey...you are doin it right....it's all good!

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