Getting to the Bunny Ranch

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  1. My apologies if this post is in the wrong forum or formatted incorrectly.

    I would like to know the easiest way to fly into the ranch. What airport would you suggest and what are some of the nice hotels in the area (Is a 4 star and above to much to ask? lol)

    Thanks for any help and I look forward to your response!
  2. I flew into Reno and stayed at the Atlantis Resort Hotel and Casino. Check out for deals. I had roundtrip air, hotel and rental car for a week for $539.
  3. Thanks fo the quick heads up Indy!. Looks like Atlantis is it!
  4. I've heard Atlantis is very nice! Good Luck with your traveling plans! :) And, looking forward to meeting you at the BunnyRanch! Mathias is a staple family name - although my relatives spell it Matthais - anyhoo - have a safe & pleasant trip! :D :D
  5. Thanks for the hello Jen... you make a great first impression. I will be making plans for a personal "mental health break" at the ranch soon... I've heard the stories now I want to get in on the action! :lol:
  6. Well, the Bunnyranch is the perfect place for some sexual healing :wink:
  7. I cant wait. It's so funny that here in America we're taught that sex is bad, or only for the married.. lol. Any doctor will tell you that it's great for the mind body and soul (for those spiritually minded individuals)..

    Matter of fact I'll try and find the report by several doctors and a university that specifically address the PROVEN medical benefits of just staring at a woman's breasts.

    Now if I could get my doctor to write me a prescription to the Bunny Ranch... hmm I wonder if Blue Cross would foot the After all you girls are "specialists" ... :p
  8. where there's a will, there's a way :wink:

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