Flying high with Air Force Amy

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  1. Wow! Where should I begin. From the first time I saw her on the hit show "Cathouse" I wanted to meet Air Force Amy. With my military background I rode in an Air Force C-17 coming back from overseas and now I can say I also rode in an Air Force Amy.

    It took about a month for me to figure out the plan on how and when I could set up our party. I reached out to Amy via her email. She was quick to reply and answered all my questions. What a wonderful personality she has. Funny, quick witted and down to earth. She makes you feel relaxed and like you have known her for years even before you actually meet.

    The day before our Party I had to change the time and push it back a couple hours. Amy was very accommodating and said "Sure, no problem." I called and had a free ride pick me up in downtown Reno and when I showed up Amy was waiting for me.

    She was in red "My favorite color" and looked beautiful. She was busting out of her outfit which was awesome. We sat at the bar and I was a nervous wreck. Yes, it was my first time there. But she made me relax quickly by just being down to earth and answered all my questions. We both have military backgrounds so we talked a little about that too.

    We went back to her room and negotiated what I wanted and then the magic started. We started with a full naked body massage (body to body) her tight body rubbing up against mine was sending me through the roof. Amy is a petite little hard body. I am 6'4. Her hands, mouth and body were amazing.

    After the massage she wanted to do sixty nine. Oh my god!!!!! I did everything to hold back. She tasted great! I loved how she thrusted her hips and pushed her pussy down onto my face. I was going to town like a little kid face down in a watermelon eating contest getting every last bit.

    Amy then climbed on top and we went at it. She felt so good and her movements were out of this world. She really gets into it emotionally and physically. She then wanted me to do her doggy style and so I got up and faced a mirror so we could see both of us. Loved watching her facial expressions while I was going at it from behind.

    After that we sat back and took a little breather while I caressed her body. Oh did I mention her little rock hard body? Man, what a body she has.

    I finished off with anal. That my friends was a great way to "End" my great experience.

    I only have one regret from all this. Why the hell did I wait all these years to do this. Don't wait come see Air Force Amy NOW! There are young ones there but I wanted Amy with the experience and thank God I did. Fellas you won't be disappointed at all. See you again soon Amy.
  2. She let you eat at the Y and anal?! I think I know who I will try to see for my winter trip. Thanks for the info @Double Deuce ! ;)
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  3. Thank you so much @Double Duece! You are an extremely handsome and very well built Marine Veteran! I have to admit I was bit intimidated by your size, but nonetheless I'm sure glad I got to know you and know you well. What a pleasure! You rocked this Fly Girl's wings baby!

    Thank you for all the extra effort it took for you to come see me in stealth mode. Well worth it honey.

    Thank you so very, very much! It's not every guy that I let stay for seconds and anal at that! You are so very, very special too me. Thank you!!
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    Excellent review!!!! God Bless America!!!! [smilie=happy.gif]
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    Great review DD! Sounds like you were at "attention" the whole time. Then again, who would want to be "at ease" around AF Amy anyway. Sure wish I could be up there right now, but I'll have to wait. Don't good things come to those who wait?
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  6. Thank you @BigAlbowski and God Bless YOU my dear!!! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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