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  1. Having fun like wearing costumes, and getting my room already are things that I like to do. From school girl to office girl. Or having fun in the bathroom, perfumed oils, bouquets of flowers, exotic bathsalts, or a handful of rose petals scattered across the waters of the bath tub. Then we can make are own clouds of steam!! I have many more ideas but, its better when i can act out my fantasies and make it all real !!
  2. You should specialize in fantasy parties you sound like your good at it .
  3. Hey There!
    What would be a fantasy party for a girl???
    Are you into that?
  4. Women

    Thanks for saying that. Everything would be the same for a girl party. But, maybe more licking and touching. lol
  5. Re: Women

    I'm asking whether or not you enjoy being with women...
    I know the "gay for pay" expression from the "Cathouse" series & that's cool too. It's just that I'd really like for the next time that I am with a woman, I'd like to be assured that she's diggin it too, not just the go along to get along routine, you know???
    Anyways, the reason I want to cum to...
    I mean, come to the Ranch is because there are some things that I have yet to do with a female that I've always wanted to try....
    & I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Moonlight Bunny Ranch will bust it's AZZ trying to make my fantasies come to life....
    & I've only been with one lady who didn't mind being a gentle kitty cat & playing with me & I've been with four....
    & Yes, the other three were too rough! :(
  6. I like the way you think, if you need any help on this don't hesitate to call on me.

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