Ever considered starting a bunny ranch around the globe?

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, May 18, 2006.

  1. hi dennis!

    I've seen a show about you're bunny ranch on tv, and i thought it was awesome!!!! :lol:

    it looked very well organised and a nice place to visit!

    But my problem is i do not live in america, but in the Netherlands!

    ever thougt about starting a bunny ranch somewhere else on the globe?
    would be a huge succes, i am sure of it!

    greetz from the netherlands en keep up the nice work! :D
  2. I love the Netherlands, where?

    I have met with people in, Amsterdam, Rio and will have my third meeting in Costa Rica next month.

    I am looking at opening up or doing a lic agreement.
  3. sounds great!!

    I've there was a bunny ranch somewhere in the middle of the triange Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag, you would have 3 large city's within a range of an our drive!

    would be a lot of customers in range...

    really cool that you respond so fast! :D

    anyway, it was a thought , but if you think it's a option , sounds cool!
  4. Is that better than being in Amsterdam where the tourists are?
  5. well depands on...

    In Amsterdam you would have offcourse a lot of tourist yeah!

    That's true...
    but here in holland we have a good public transportation, the train, the bus etc.

    so they can easily go there.. but amsterdam is offcourse one of the nicest places to be!! :lol:
  6. another bunnyranch

    Yes, we already have bunnyranch 1 and bunnyranch 2, but we can also have a bunnyranch 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and on and on. sounds like a plan.
  7. Yeah , I mean , i think a lot of people all over the world have seen the show about the ranch...

    when i saw, i was really amazed about the concept! it looked so relaxed and so cool...
    a real nice place to visit for everybody! :D

    Would be great if there was a bunnyranch here in holland, i mean , i would love to work there, seems a good,relaxed and friendly environment to work!
  8. LOL if there was one in amsterdam I'd be there in a minute...

    ... if ya catch my drift :wink:
  9. You need to out here with us for the summer.
  10. I would like to come for a few days if possible... Just to meet everyone, hang out, see what it's all about... Can I stay with you? I'll make you dinner every night :wink:
  11. LINDS on your way to Nevada you stop at my house and we'll drive the rest of the way. I say fly to Denver then we'll drive the rest of the way. :lol:

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