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  1. I was aching with anticipation to finally meet Evanka in person after becoming mesmerized by her stunning, drop-dead gorgeous photos in the BunnyBabes section. I knew she would be a blast and that I was in for a very special treat after exchanging some revealing PM's with her. She is very smart, sexy, sensual, creative, playful, and naughty. :wink: Simply put, she is a 1st Class Hottie with a great personality!!!

    I was warmly and promptly greeted by Evanka. What you can't see in her photos is the nicest smile and her beautiful big brown eyes that sparkle with energy. She was wearing super-hot black fishnet stockings framing her long, sumptuous legs. I vaguely remember a kind of leopard something or other... that kind of brought out a primal instinct. We chilled a bottle of Dom at the Bar and got a chance to have a nice conversation before heading to her room. It just kept getting better and better.

    We discussed a general game plan and left room for some spontaneity. She slowly and sensually undressed me. Wow, what a turn on! She made me feel very comfortable as we toasted to the afternoon. She gently poured some champagne over and in between her amazing breasts as it trickled down into her navel and yet further still. The vintage E. Banks, 2008 was the best tasting Champagne I ever had! MMMM, delicious!!!

    That was just the beginning of my Champagne Dream with Evanka. She is very passionate and in excellent shape. It was freezing outside and I was cold when I got to her room but things really heated up after the Champagne tasting. We enjoyed many hot and sensual activities including some that got so hot she grabbed some ice cubes to cool things down!!! (My thermometer couldn't take the heat and exploded...again!!!)

    After a very hot time together, we relaxed together for a while, showered, and brought the rest of the Champagne to the parlor and had a terrific conversation. If I didn't have to leave I would have stayed with her all day and all night. She brought many smiles to my face and has an enchantingly captivating personality.

    Evanka, I'm so glad I finally got to meet you! Thank you for a very special and memorable afternoon. You will always be a part of my "Champagne Dreams."

    If you get the chance, I highly recommend you visit this especially lovely, charming, gorgeous, hot, sexy, sensual, intelligent, funny, creative, and naughty :wink: girl!!! MMMMM... Yummmmm!!! [smilie=my heart fire up for you.gif] [smilie=kiss of love.gif] [smilie=my heart fire up for you.gif]
  2. Thank you so much!

    Home James, thank you so much for this glowing, revealing post! We certainly did get good use out of our Dom, all of it, everywhere :wink: You can come and relive your Champagne dreams anytime....I look forward to seeing you again!
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    Hey Home James,

    Glad you had the opportunity to realize your desires with the mesmerizing Evanka Banks...you indicated in your earlier postings that you had your eye on her, and the fact that, according to your report, she seemed to live up to and surpass your expectations is gratifying for all of us would-be Evanka worshippers... :D

    Congrats and glad you had fun! :wink:

    Nick In T.O.
  4. Re: Thank you so much!

    Thank you for a great escape filled with fun, surprises, and your truly entertaining company. I'm getting thirsty already for a new and exciting Champagne Dream!!!
  5. Thanks Nick

    Thanks Nick. Evanka is very pretty and has a great spontaneous attitude. She also has a very attractive personality and a naughty sense of humor in a very cute sort of way. I really did have a fun, memorable time and highly recommend spending some quality time with her. I'm getting thirsty for some reason :wink:
  6. Congrats Home James. I'm glad you had a great time with Evanka. She was everything I had hoped for too!
  7. Thank you so much!

    Home James & Ohio Guy.... :wink: Really glad you had as nice a time as I did :D :D :D :D See you again sometime!
    Here to make you smile!
  8. Great Person and HOT!!!

    Thanks guy. It sounds like you had a great time too. She is very beautiful, fun, and has a great personality and sense of humor, plus she is quite passionate!!! Who could ask for anything more? I had a very memorable time and would not hesitate at the chance to spend some time with her again and again... mmmmmm Anyone considering paying Evanka a visit on her next trip out the the BR better hurry up before I try to book her solid! :wink: I guess I should try to keep her a secret so I could have her all to myself but I can't help it. She deserves a big shoutout and you guys should not miss out on meeting this great girl!!! Thanks for the memories beautiful!!! [smilie=mylove.gif]
  9. Re: Great Person and HOT!!!

    Home James, you're more than welcome for the memories...Let's make some more :wink: :wink: ! Thanks again for this glowing review, look forward to seeing you again sometime :D

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