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  1. Hi Dennis,

    In your "BunnyBabes" section of this website, when one clicks on one of the girl's head photo, it of course reveals several more selections of different poses. Just to the left the person browsing is invited to contact the lady with these words:

    "To Contact me or find out more information
    click below"

    A few weeks ago I did so with one of the ladies, filled out the email with a short comment about how nice looking she was, and got this response:

    "Subject: Contact - -
    From: "ContactBunnyRanch" <contact> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
    Sorry, but she is currently not available. Please try
    contacting our other girls."

    So I figured, no big deal, this one must be on sabbatical, out of town or whatever.

    But just last night, I noticed that one of the girls from B.R. II who I have actually seen and "partied" with, had her picture(s) posted, and I used the same "contactBunnyRanch" -- and GOT THE SAME RESPONSE.

    Here is the problem:

    I know for a fact that this girl currently IS available and works a shift practically every day -- I have talked to her.

    My first question is: Does this "contactBunnyRanch" feature issue the same auto answer regardless of what girl is being contacted -- is there some bug that needs to be worked out?

    Why would the response say "She is currently not available. Please try contacting our other girls"??? -- if the girl desired IS available???

    It would appear that if a guy is told she is not available when the girl IS available, she is losing out on business -- not good, not cool! Particularly in my case, I didn't want to contact any of the other girls, not because they aren't beautiful or presumably talented, but I want to give some future business, in this case, to that particular girl.

    Is this system something you are involved with, or did you not know it is giving these auto respones to contact someone else?

    Thank you in advance for your response, as if a guy wants to see a girl who IS there, he should not be directed to others. Agree?
  2. Thank you for correcting this feature

    After writing to you last night, I tried to send a contact message to the same lady again this morning, and did receive confirmation from you that my message has now been sent directly to her.

    Thank you for correcting this!


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