REVIEW Ding Dong... Going to the ranch for a little Trick and Treats with AF Amy and Pantera

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  1. Well... What is one to do for Halloween. I decided to take a flight and treat my little halloweeny at the ranch this year with my favorite bunny Air Force Amy.

    After giving her a heads up of my intentions, she suggested since I was staying in Reno... Lets eat at Bimini's and do an out date. Mmmm... That was a perfect suggestion because I love eating steak as much as I like know. Now this time I learned my lesson and didn't overeat. I wanted to give back to Amy as I was about to receive. The meal and conversation was perfect... I just couldn't wait to get her back to the room to start the festivities.

    So the room wasn't the best, I own that but, we made do. In fact we were doing so well that the neighbors on either side of the room were well... how do I put it... They were cheering us on by pounding on the walls. This caused a brief pause to install sound deadening materials to the headboard and under the adjoining door. So with that taken care of it was back to another round of trick and treating each other until we were exhausted. We cleaned up and I walked Amy back to her car while we planned our meet the next day with Pantera (Yes gentlemen... Halloween is more that one day for me).

    Day 2 of 3 started early... Amy had asked Pantera to come in at my request and she did....Lucky me! Before I showed up Amy had asked if I could pick up a special lubricant on my way. I... doing the typical "man" thing picked up what I thought was right but...I wasn't. I did however pick up Amy's favorite chewing gum so I didn't get it all wrong. So remember fellas... If they ask for something which is within their realm of expertise... just don't do it. Tell them you are to dumb to get the right thing and they will believe you... trust me on this.

    Now fast forward to the fun... So Pantera shows up in an all pink two piece with pink nails looking sweet and tasty like cotton candy (because she is!). Amy has already stripped and is beckoning me to pick back up where I left off the night before. One would have thought by now that I've grown accustomed to being in the presence of so much beauty at once with these two but No... Once again I am hypnotized and drawn to Amy. The Diver in me returns and off I go. Before long I feel Pantera's suction down below while I'm tasting Amy's sweetness. I gasp at times... trying to keep up with Amy's hip thrusts while experiencing the magic of Pantera. We shift positions where I'm on my back. Amy still wants more as she rides me up high and Pantera now rides me from below. The rush from this is unbelievable and draining. Sensory overload occurs multiple times. Everything is warm, tight, sweet and soft. The girls sense my energy level draining and grant me a brief respite to gather myself and hydrate. I finally get my chance it introduce my halloweeny to Amy before my batteries drain. But we didn't stop there. With time still on the clock the girls decided a massage was in order. This allowed a quick charge of my faculties and it allowed me to get my little slice of heaven with Pantera later while Amy watched. Pantera is so tight, warm, sweet and responsive. Those little moans of hers drive a man to the finish line. That ended me for that day. What a glorious day it was.

    The last day of Halloweey started early too. Amy and I met up and we went to see a local festivity. The Nevada Day parade. I didn't have too much time since I had a flight to catch but I got to see the party animals in Carson City in all their Patriotic Glory. I loved it... God Bless America. Amy and I went back to the ranch after and completed my best trip ever. Amy and I worked our magic with each other until we were spent. We did or tried everything (except pegging... the Diver doesn't do pegging). Three days with this woman is a marathon that leaves a smile on your face for days. I am so grateful I gave my little halloweeny the party it deserved.

    As always Gentlemen... Give these ladies the respect they deserve. Amy and Pantera hold a special place in my heart. Please give them your attention... It is well worth it.[smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  2. Wowza Superman delight! Thank you! I be free to reply to this in about an hour ....

    Just wanted to let you know I am tickled you took the time to write this.
  3. Oh my goodness!!! I was definitely and fully treated this Halloween by @Navydiver66!! A lovely dinner companion and such fine eye candy to be seen with and to gaze upon for hours on end. What a dream come true! I get my full appetite for sexual exercise and unbelievable bliss more than satisfied with you baby! I love being with you and also getting a real run for my money with you honey! I know the youngsters can only;y sit back in awe and amazement at the physical endurance we have with each other. It's been very many years since someone can go head to head and toe to toe with me between the sheets as you can. I always look forward to every single minute with you!! I am also super amazed at how you can recall somany details. You don't miss a thing Diver. Again, thank you for ANOTHER super amazing, out of this world, crazy good, off the charts spectacular experience of a lifetime. Thank you for your kindness, your prowess, you generosity, your loyalty and for you being you and keeping in shape the way you do too. Whew baby, you got me babe! Thank you honey!!!
  4. Oh no baby... Thank You... I never would have thought I would need a massage to get an ass cheek or a toe cramp worked out after trying to keep up with you two sexy sirens of seduction. Oh... and that massage on the last day demonstrated how even your hands are talented and magical. You are the best.[smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Excellent review!!!!!!![smilie=hi ya!.gif]

  6. Thank you for noticing and reading and commenting @BigAlbowski I love you and all your support!
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