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  1. you blocked her out again and still refuse to remove her pics. i am asking you to do so again.
    her mother
  2. I see you deleted my post...

    I see you deleted my post, which is fine.... though it was a polite question, and shouldn't have upset anyone.
    It would have been courteous to at least have offerred an explanation, or given your reasons for keeping her images up.

    If she doesn't want them here, and is trying to move on with her life, what purpose is served by refusing to honor her request?

    I always thought you were too big a man not to be generous to someone who was a good earner for you. Especially when it would cost you nothing.

  3. Please HONOR APRIL's request and REMOVE her pictures. There is no gain for you, all you are doing upsetting her and her family. They don't deserve that. They have been though too much already. Please do the RIGHT thing and REMOVE her pictures ASAP!

    I understand banning my account, but I don't understand banning hers. She hasn't done anything but politely ask you to remove her pictures. Don't disrespect her, her family, like this. Do the right thing and remove her pictures PLEASE!!!!

  4. Lost business

    I refuse to continue my patronage of the BunnyRanch while these practices are in effect. This may not amount too much of a decrease in the revenue generated, but it's about all that I can do.

    My only way to protest this practice...
  5. noone is twisting your arm to goto the Ranch. So, if you dont like then stop posting
  6. Lost business


    Stopping posting would be the same as not voting or voting 'none of the above' on a ballot... It prevents one's opinion on a topic from being known, thus accepting things 'the way they are'.

    In this case, my posts express my opinion that the strategy practiced by the BunnyRanch is unacceptable, and needs to be changed. Again... IMO.
  7. you mean some of the ladies pictured in the bunnybabes section aren there anymore??
  8. but by posting your views you are indirectly doing business with the Ranch. By visiting this site, it gives it business. 8)

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