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  1. Thank you personally for the call last week while I was laid up in the hospital. I am looking forward to getting everything done this year so I can visit you and the ladies. I am a person who cherishes all my friends that I have made here on the board, so please don't mind if I give you a big hug.

    a.k.a. Hollywood54548
  2. aww dennis is so sweet like a teddy bear or something!
  3. Chuck, what all did you have done ? Did you get a kidney transplant ? I hope I'm not being too personal or nosey. I'm just concerned about you my friend.
  4. I'm new to the boards but get well soon

  5. hollywood

    just feel better and cum visit us in person next time at the tea party.
  6. I just had to tell Dennis about this. Ventriliquist Jeff Dunham has a new puppet/character named "Big Daddy D". Big Daddy D proclaims to be a "Player In a Management Profession" aka PIMP! It is hilarious. Catch the show if you get a chance! :lol:
  8. I'm not even sure if he has a site, D. I caught the show on Comedy Central. I saw Jeff Dunham when I was in college back in '92. He is really hilarious. Perhaps someone will know if he has a website and what it is.
  9. yes he does have a site it's it even has a clip of a show with "sweet daddy dee" on it hope this helps
  10. Daddy is like a big teddybear. I have to check out the Big Daddy D. I've seen him on Comedy Central and he is pretty good.

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