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  1. Hey Big D,

    Been on BOB msg board and don't like the fact that Max is saying all this crap. Being in this business you must expect people to get this way when they are "wronged" in their mind. I do not know the whole story and it doesn't matter to me. Just know that when I am healthy enough to travel, your establishment is my first place I'm going to.

  2. i don't pay attention to rumors or gossip that have no actual facts behind them. i love dennis and i love the bunny ranch and i don't think anything anyone says could ever change that.
  3. Max did a bad thing to Baby and had to go, ask Amy, Becca and many others they know the real story.

    It sad to see someone run their mouth when the right thing to do is be nice and say I am sorry.

    Truth is I miss Max and so does Suzette.

    Dad's always get mother fucked by their daughters, is this just another example?
  4. Thank you so much.

    Your smart enough to not beleive things like this. Keep in mind a few weeks ago her posts were all happy and fun and positve.

    What changed? she was a bad girl.
  5. Dennis

    You have handled the situation admirably. It is hard to just take it when people talk trash. I give you a lot of credit for not posting negative thoughts about Max. She seemed to be a lovely girl but sometimes things just dont work out.

    I think you have it wrong though, Girls end up mother fucking their mothers when they get older and they become daddy's little angel and stay in that image forever.

    Im sure you miss her. Maybe someday things will work out so you can have some type of relataionship.

  6. Dad's always get mother fucked by their daughters, is this just another example?

    Dennis Baby as much as I love you, I have to say you are wrong on this one. I am still dad's little girl and will always be his little girl.

    As for you well..... I am still thinking of ways to show you what a good little girl I am :wink:

  7. I am still "daddy's little girl" but I have to admit I'm guilty of occassionely taking advantage of my father's generosity.... Maybe that is what he meant....?

    Regardless of whether or not Max is there, the Bunny Ranch will still go on. It's not gonna fall to pieces just because one girl is no longer there.

    I like to think of the Bunny Ranch as a happy place all the time so I will just ignore all the negativity otherwise it will ruin my fantasy!
  8. Hey Dennis i just want to say its always amazing when the dust settles how the truth is so clear thanks for being a man, That guys can look up to and admire. JD
  9. thanks I look forward to meeting you.

    The crazy thing is Max was saying nice things a week before this I hope she be back and say nice things again.
  10. Dex
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    Dex Active Member

    You know Dennis.....

    I have to compliment you on taking the 'high road' with this whole thing. I don't pretend to know what happened (nor is it any of my business) but no matter what it was you look a whole lot better by being a gentleman about it.

    Good form.

  11. Well Dennis you were very nice to me this past Sunday, so i say your a great guy. I hope to be abck at the after Christmas
  12. Thank you after Xmas is always a fun time at the ranch. Le tme know when your coming in.
  13. I sure will Big D. Maybe this time I'll come when NV50 is open. Thank you again for being kind enough to stop and say hi to me. BTW if you ever need an assisiant to help you out with the ladies just give me a call :lol:
  14. The job does not pay well but its alot of fun
  15. Big "D" you pay for the position i would have though you would have been taking bids for them to pay you.
  16. I'm sure the ladies will make it all worth while :lol: :wink: :twisted:
    CLICK ME NOW!!!!!!
  18. good Idea!!!

    what am I offered?
  19. do you offer any benefits?

    just let me know what i need to do to apply :lol:
  20. benefits are you get have sex
  21. haha well that's what i was hoping for, but i wanted to see what i got offered first...
  22. ok U get to have a 3some with Jenny and myself, is that better???
  23. I saw what she wrote there as well. It's a shame she had to go because she was part of the fun here not even a few weeks ago and now it just seems like I hear nothing but bitterness and accusations. And although it seems like Dennis isn't defending himself over at BOB, he's probably doing the right thing and just keeping quiet about all of it and not airing out any dirty laundry.

    In any case, the truth is way beyond my reach and, bottom line, it's none of my business anyway. I came to this board because I thought it was a fun place and I'd hate to have my attitude about it go sour over one person who had a bad story to tell (versus scores of other people here who seem to genuinely like their lives at the moment).

    That being said, the best thing to do is take Lindsey's advice and mind my own business. If Max comes back, she'll work it out with Dennis on their own terms. In the meantime, life goes on.
  24. God, I hate double posting. :x
  25. Why would Dennis fell compelled to defend Himself there?It appears to be a small group of insignificant jealous malcontents.People that have never been successful in one venue,let alone several,as has Dennis.I liken the way they view Dennis as the way the unattractive fat chicks viewed the hot Cheerleader that was with the Quarterback in High School...........
  26. I was very surprised to see that he is a member of that board!
  27. As Bishop said, he's a member there. Dennis posted there before. I guess they figured they got him there once...
    And the fat chicks don't seem to get along with each other very well either. :wink:

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