Dennis needs a protege

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Dennis, you need a protege to learn and one day take the reins of the greatest place ever invented. Give me(us) some feedback on what you think about me taking over one day. You are my HERO
  2. dennis is a god among men and gods live forever. so you might be waiting awhile there buddy.
  3. Whatever

    It will be worth the wait
  4. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    can I be on the list?
  5. Yeah !! like thats gona happen

    The Ol' Chili Cook
  6. I nominate my 2 yr old. :lol:
    Hes already a ladies man.
  7. Take Daddys place YEA RIGHT! hes not going anywhere,
    If i became a bunny i would be under anyone other then him and madam suzette he goes i go!

    Jenna Lee

    PS: thats sad to even think about!!!
  8. i think the funniest thing is telling some one "please die and give me your stuff." on his defence though i doubt he is serious i think its his way of giving some one thumbs up... in a very bad taste sort of way. besides dennis is a god and gods don't die.
  9. I could use a protege or a HOtege to train to help rn the business.

    I think I will start looking at apps.

  10. Dennis, serious suggestion...I think you should talk Donald Trump into this

    Apprentice: Bunny Ranch

    Have people from all over the United States compete for a chance to become your Apprentice. I think this could be a great show and would really help out the ratings on NBC. Your two judges...well, one could be the lovely Madam Suzette, and the other could be Ron Jeremy or Madam Tonya. :) Just think, it could both profit NBC and the Bunny Ranch name.

    or we could just let Assistant Kris have it all :D
  11. I lke this!!!1
  12. very good idea !!!
  13. Sharky
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    Sharky Well-Known Member

    I already asked Dennis a long time ago about him showing me the ropes so I might be able to take over when he goes on vacation or ever decides to give up the life. He looked at me like I was half crazy and said it wasn't going to happen that he was having too much fun.

    I would have to agree, if I had his job I would never retire.
  14. dennis i sent you an e-mail and a pm.
  15. Sharky
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    Sharky Well-Known Member

    Dennis do we just message you our resumes or what. Hey do we get bonus points if the ladies already like us being around? Just curious, I could use a career change.
  16. i sent in mine.
  17. and here is my shameless plug
  18. great pics Madjack !!
  19. Will be in town april 27 for bachelor party

    I have about 20 or 30 guys going need to talk to someone about doing this thanks
  20. Can I "screen" and "interview" all the male applicants???

    Green-eyed nursie

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