Dennis I have a sex pop culture question?

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. I love the show and have meet girls that claim to have worked for you and have heard nothing but good things. So I have a question for you about current sexual pop culture.
    What is your take on tattooed girls and the whole SG (Suicide Girl) thing that is happening? Do you think that it will last is or is it a fad? Oh Sorry, that was two questions!
  2. FTW

    what the hell is wrong with you... that is the stupid question over!

    Don't waste Dennis's time
  3. FAD!!!!!!!!

    My personal thought is are that a womans body is so beautifull whether it so tall, short, thin, heavy, big hooters, small hooters etc. that ink is not needed.

    Why mess with perfection?
  4. Well said Dennis...... AMEN.... ever thought about running for President.....
  5. Yes!

    Vote for President Daddy D

    "A chcicken in every pot & a chick on every lap"
  6. Finally, an honest candidate with a platform we can believe in :D
  7. My reply

    I went through a really rough patch in life and have some scars on my leg from personal injury. I have thought of covering them with a tattoo because they are awful looking.
    I think a little ink in certain regions is great... but to be head to toe inked is tooo much!

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