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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Anonymous, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Hi Gorgeous,

    I miss you and our late night phone conversations. call me sometime sweetie. i miss you so much!!!

    Your Italian Angel :)
  2. Yes the late night dirty talk and hearing you scream.

    "Oh D bring it home you big dick, it never felt like this before."

    Maybe that was a dream?

    call me Angel, I miss you.
  3. For a good nasty late night bedtime story, call 1 888 bunnyranch
  4. well dennis,

    i called yesterday night and a sweet lady told me u werent there..ask her about the franch accent

    tty soon, mwa
  5. dennis, enough with the phone tag! i'm going thru withdrawal here. pm me what number to call you at and a good time to call...

    and i'm saving the dirty talk for when we're face to face :lol:
  6. D, you are terrible! Late night dirty talk... hee hee

    I think D needs to have a three-way late night conversation! Maybe he can conference his Argentine and Italian Angels?

  7. Dennis you need to recruit Lindsey. As popular as she is on this board I think she would be a very popular bunny wouldn't you agree ? I know I would beat a path to the ranch to party with her.
  8. i think i'm actually quite UN-popular... but what can ya do... :lol:
  9. Are you kiddin, no girl with a bod like that could be un-popular. :D
  10. LINDS! You're so full of CRAP! How do you figure that you're unpopular?
    People love you! Well, I luv ya, if that counts for anything! :lol:
  11. well...... i'm popular with the people that matter.... and i love you guys!
  12. LinLin is the sweetest, you are an honarary Bunny.

    We need a second name, what does eveeyone think.

    Lindsey LaMay

    Lindsey Lane

    Lindsey Lamor

    Any ideas?
  13. How about Lindsey Luv. :wink:

  14. thanks, dennis... not lindsey lane, jenny would have a cow! but i'm open to suggestions!
  15. Lindsey you are VERY popular. I think you'd make a great bunny. I'll bring the "carrot" when you do becum a bunny :wink: :lol: . Here's a great bunny name for you. How does Lindsey McKenzie sound?
  16. oh god no. mckenzie is a VERY sore subject with me..... so absolutely not!!!!!!!!
  17. I like LindseyLOO!
  18. ooo you two could have a twins gimmick.
  19. sorry Lindsey i didnt know :oops: ...How does Lindsey Seys sound to you :wink: :lol:
  20. i think Lindsey Luv would be perfect for are very sweet person and popular.....people would LUV to be there with you :D
  21. I LOVE IT.... bob please change my name to LindseyLoo!!!

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