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    Tuesday came around and I was planning to have breakfast in the morning.....NO didn't happen! I woke up at noon got dress and went down to the casino area. i wanted to eat at the Island Buffet but at the time it was too long so I went to the Coffee Shop. I only had to wait for 5 mins and then I was sat. I ordered a soup/sandwich and it was good. Very filling! Looked around the floor and I'm not much a gambler but I figured why not! Yeah I lost! :) Went back to my room and watch TV for a bit until I realized i didn't bring my phone charger! Just shows you how much I travel! Called the house and then I called up the BR for transportation. Picked me up and I felt a bit more relaxed. I walked to the bar and off the bat people recognized me. COOL! Laci came out and we sat there and had a great conversation! She introduced me to Madam Suzette and she is a very very nice lady. She made me feel at home! She was going home for the day so we said our goodbyes. I got to meet Alexis Fire, Paris,Nina, Bunny and Brooke! I got to meet some more ladies but with so many beautiful ladies I couldn't remember all their names off hand. Laci and I once again went off in private and all I can say is, she makes you feel so SPECIAL! I was very very comfortable being with her! My smile never left my face when I was with her. Afterward we sat in the parlor when I was wondering where her partner in crime was. Yep the once and only JENNY LANE! She went to go get her and for a good while we all sat there and had a great GREAT conversation! They are FUN to be with! Then I noticed it was very LATE! I had to get up at 730 to make it t the airport on time. I said my goodbyes to Laci and Jenny and before I left I got a shirt and they both signed it! :D I walked out and told myself that I will return! To all the ladies, managers, bartenders and drivers...thank you all for treating me very very well. You all are great people! Laci, you are a wonderful person who I will always remember. Jenny you are such a funny and sweet woman. I got my KISSES still Laci and remember Jenny....GO NAVY! :D
  2. *sniff sniff* I'm so proud. Our little auron has left the nest and got his BR cherry popped. Hehehe Glad you had a great time bud. Of course in the hands of Laci, and with Jenny and the other bunnies around, how can you NOT have a great time!!!
  3. Great report Auron !! Happy to hear you had such as great time. We can't expect anything less, when you're with Laci. Laci is a sweetheart...

    So proud of you Auron !!
  4. See what happens when you spend a few hours with me and laci... your just never the same! :shock:
  5. Truer words have never been spoken..... [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Jenny you are so right on that. I feel.....more ALIVE! :D
  7. g

    :shock: I'm glad that you had a great time. Every time I read a report from a regular poster, it gets me wishing and hoping that my turn will come faster than it is............excellent read auron...see you in chat. 8)
  8. It's good to see my young apprentice becoming a powerful Sith Bunny Lover and becoming so strong with the dark side of the force! Welcome to the club, my friend!
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    Everyone thanks for the love and support you all have given me. I had such a GREAT time with LACI! Jenny was alot of fun to be with. I look forward to my next trip to be in the arms of Miss Laci Ann once again!
  10. Auron

    Glad to hear you had a great time at the BR. Being on the east coast, the only bad thing about the ranch is that is is almost all the way across the country...location, location, location!!!

    Laci and Jenny are both phenominal...personalities that you do not find often, and no need to even embellish on the physical side :)

    Pull for your boys from S.A. to take home another NBA trophy, and prepare for your next visit.
  11. hey

    sound slike u had a gr8 time auron, glad to hear u were so well takin care of... have a safe trip back baby! xoxo
  12. are making me blush. :oops: Thank you for all the compliments. It was a pleasure to finally meet you and getting to enjoy your company. Can't wait to see you again hopefully very soon. :)
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    It was a pleasure to have finally met you and I LOVED your company!!! Yes I will be back and I hope some time soon! HUGS! :D
  14. Auron,
    Hey my friend, I am happy that you had a great time with LACI-ANN, and got to hang around Jenny Lane as well. Two beautiful women! Meeting the other bunnies too. You will never forget your two visits there, especially the second day. Now you can look forward to going again. It's nice to know that they knew who you were in the chat....when I go for the first time I will let everyone know who I am. It's going to be so much fun and I hope I don't scare the bunnies away cause I do have a big mouth! lol. Thanks for your report. Take care sweet auron.

    Neva :wink:

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